The exciting surprise call for River partners | River Plate

The exciting surprise call for River partners | River Plate 5

Martín Feijóo

12:14 pm

The quarantine has River fans locked up patiently waiting for the ball to roll again. In a great initiative of the club, historical figures such as Norberto Alonso, Enzo Francescoli and Hernán Díaz made video calls with different club life members to ease the wait until football and activities at the club return.

In a video published on the club's official networks, different life partners are seen receiving calls from the iconic millionaire footballers for a chat. Several were thrilled and described to the former players what the club means to them. "Is it live? Hi, enzo! I have a photo of you ”, Jorge Flynn, who said he is 60 years old as a River partner, reacted to pure surprise when he saw Francescoli on his cell phone screen.

In a special moment, a special call, how do you react when the story calls your phone? Look how these Club lifetime members lived it. #RiverEsNuestro ⚪❤️⚪— River Plate (@RiverPlate)
June 5, 2020

"My life is River, he cannot explain to you the emotion I have to be talking to you. It is a flourish to my River Plate dream," said another of the surprised ones to Beto Alonso, while at the end of the talks and to all they looked like friends. "Che, a hug and that you continue well. Congratulations, eh," said one of the lifetimes to Hernán Díaz.

The exciting surprise call for River partners | River Plate 6

One of the life partners and the reaction to seeing Beto Alonso on his cell phone.

It is worth remembering that on March 14, the Greatest was going to play the first date of the Super League Cup against Atlético Tucumán but it was decided to close the club. Since that day, the ring of the Monumental stadium has been closed and waiting for the coronavirus pandemic to end so that it can reopen its doors as it used to do. Meanwhile, from the River leadership these types of activities are promoted so that the quarantine is a little lighter for those who have been with the club for so many years.

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