The drama of Pione Sisto: "I was made shit"

  Updated: 05/23/2020 11: 44h
 The Danish international Pione Sisto player of Celta de Vigo revealed this Saturday in an interview with the newspaper "Politiken" that suffered a depression during the World Cup in Russia because of the criticism received in the media in his country and because of personal problems. "Everything altogether caused me a depression, was crap . I didn't know what I wanted to do," says the Danish winger, who in the World Cup only thought about "going home" and who didn't care "if Denmark were eliminated, so he didn't enjoy an experience that should have been" fantastic ". Sisto, signed by Celta four seasons ago, he reached the months before the World Cup at his best and scored his first goal for the team in a friendly against Panama, but his performance fell in the following preparatory matches. "I couldn't bear being criticized when it didn't go so well in in the games prior to the World Cup and during the tournament. I couldn't forget it because I was also fighting against myself and my body. All the confidence I gained against Panama was lost in three games, "he says. The Danish winger maintains that" if he was not able to dribble three players and put it in the corner, "the Danish press pointed out that he had not had a good game which he considers unfair. Sisto, who has "struggled to be happy" the last two years, admits that during that period he went through physical problems and that he felt that his body was "falling apart." in the lumbar area, in the hips and the Achilles tendon. It was very clear to me that I would not have any option to play until 40 if nothing changed ", he assures. The last two seasons have been marked by a marked drop in his performance, less prominence at Celta, absence Denmark's summons and problems off the field due to their eating habits, such as a diet based on juices, and some strange behaviors. "I think they call me crazy because they don't want to reflect on whether I'm right. I did a cleaning because I wanted to change my diet. I can eat as I like, the club does not oblige me to anything and I have paid my own dietitian, it is not something impulsive, "explains the player, whose diet is made up of 80% vegetables. Diet has been key to improving his physical condition and will allow him to be "stronger than ever" in the next three or five years says Sisto, who Celta imposed a heavy fine for skipping confinement and traveling from Vigo to Denmark on March 27 . "I have had a hard fight between my old self and the one I want to be, a stronger Pione and who is not as affected by what others think . I have never been through something so hard, but I think I am in a better moment of my life, "he explains in the first part of an interview that will be published in the coming days. Topics

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