The dispute in the case of WADA and RUSADA will be considered in CAS from November 2 to 5

According to the press service of CAS, hearings in the case of WADA and RUSADA will be held in closed session from November 2 to 5. It is noted that due to restrictions on trips related to the Covid-19 pandemic, some hearings can be held via videoconference. Recall that on December 9, 2019, the executive committee of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) decided on the recommendation of the compliance committee to remove Russia from participating in major international tournaments for four years. were taken due to the fact that, according to WADA, Russia deliberately made changes to the database of the Moscow Anti-Doping Laboratory, which was transferred to the organization’s experts in January last year. In addition, the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) was deprived of compliance status and Russia was banned host international tournaments. Russia disagreed with the WADA decision, and the case was referred to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne.

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