The decisive week of world basketball



The world basket faces seven key days for its return, since both Euroleague and Liga Endesa must confirm their cancellation or return, while that the NBA already designs its return plan for next July. Furthermore, the Spanish Federation has to decide whether to continue with the LEB Oro or whether to designate Valladolid and Guipúzcoa Basket as candidates for promotion to the Endesa League.

Black clouds over the future of the Euroleague

A telematic meeting between the most important teams in the Euroleague – the eleven with fixed place – will resolve throughout the day Today the future of the competition, which still has six regular league games, in addition to the final phase for the title.

After observing the evolution of the pandemic in the continent, the Euroleague will make a decision today on whether to play the remainder of the tournament or to leave the season blank. On April 23, the foundations were laid for a return that should be ratified throughout this morning although it seems very complicated that this could be the case. The idyllic idea of ​​the Euroleague would be to finish the regular phase (54 games) and then to concentrate all the teams in a single venue, at the end of July, to play for the title.

The main problem facing the competition, apart from the threat of the coronavirus, is the difficulty for teams to travel around Europe to play the remaining games of the regular phase. With borders closed in many countries and with the need to quarantine in many others, it seems unfeasible that the tournament can be finished, at least on the dates originally planned. In any case, the affirmative vote of six of those eleven teams that form the hard core of the Euroleague will suffice – Real Madrid Barcelona, ​​Baskonia, Olympiacos, Panathinaikos, CSKA, Maccabi, Zalgiris, Fenerbahçe, Anadolu Efes and Olimpia Milano- so that there is a green light and the machinery of the competition is put into operation.

The ACB completes its return to the fields

The most advanced plan for the competition to resume in the world of basketball it is held by the ACB, which at the end of the week will announce whether it is going ahead with its intention of holding a tournament among the twelve best teams in the Endesa League to decide the champion. That meeting between the clubs is scheduled for the 31st, but the venue to host that tournament must be announced before, to which nine cities still aspire.

Last Friday there was a first meeting between the clubs to decide that city which hints at their determination so that the competition ends up resuming. In the conclave, the leaders of the League put Valencia on the table as chosen for its offer in sports infrastructure in addition to having an acceptable health ratio. Even so, some clubs expressed their concern about the latest outbreaks of contagion in the city and demanded more information to make a decision, so the election was postponed, which will take place, surely, between today and tomorrow.

Meanwhile, with the clubs already at a good pace, after having started training in small groups last week, the ACB is complying without major problems with the return to activity protocol. Training sessions that should be extended for another two or three weeks before the start of the competition to meet the requirements of the doctors and the players' association. That return, provided that the clubs give their approval on the 31st, could be on June 14 or 21 dates that fall within the terms of the health protocol and also of the period specified by the president. of the Government last Friday for the resumption of the professional leagues.

Also today s e meets the Delegate Commission of the Federation, which has to see if it continues with its idea of ​​ending the season of the LEB Oro or if it aborts that operation and grants the promotion to the Endesa League at CBC Valladolid and Guipúzcoa Basket, the two best ranked when the competition stopped. Those promotions do not like in the ACB, which would see the team roster increase next season.

A bubble in the heart of Disney

It is official. The NBA has negotiated with the owners of Disney World for days so that the American league can play the remainder of the season there. The idea of ​​those responsible is to create a kind of sanitary bubble in the most famous theme park in the world, where the teams – and even their families – can concentrate at some point in June to carry out the preseason and then decide on the title of champion. There is ample hotel supply and sports infrastructure, as the complex is so large and offers so many alternatives -there are up to three large pavilions- that there would be no problems in that regard. A meeting is scheduled on Friday to give the green light to this plan and decide on how to end the season.

Regarding this format of the competition, the NBA commissioner studies various scenarios with the franchise owners. From finishing the remaining regular league games and then playing the playoffs with the same format planned at the beginning, to other more risky ideas such as making an elimination tournament with all the teams. In between, less radical options are considered, halfway, such as the fact that the 16 teams currently classified go directly to the playoffs or that those who still did not have a place play it in a previous tournament that would give access to the final phase. All these ideas have been sent to the franchises so that they can study them and make a decision when required by the league's board of governors.

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