The day that Messi crushed Brazil

The day that Messi crushed Brazil 5

"The Royal Spanish Academy should invent a new word that defines Messi exactly." The response of Alejandro Sabella at the post-friendly press conference of that June 9, 2012 was the best way to try to summarize how he had played on 10 Argentinian. It had been so unbalanced, wonderful, exquisite and decisive that it was difficult to find a word that would define everything what he had done in those 90 minutes of the friendly against Brazil that took place in New Jersey and in which the Selection enjoyed a 4-3 exclusively thanks to the performance of Lionel .
The captain practically managed to achieve that triumph, which was sealed with a goal with his trademark when there were six minutes left at the end of the game. A very weak defense and an erratic Sergio Romero seemed to plot to make the opposite happen, but Messi converted three goals and, as he said after the victory, it was possible to go on vacation . Sure, the friendly in the United States was the end of the 2011/2012 season.
Sergio Romero; Clemente Rodríguez, Federico Fernández, Ezequiel Garay, Pablo Zabaleta; Fernando Gago, Javier Mascherano; Angel Di María, José Sosa; Lionel Messi and Gonzalo Higuaín were the headlines that Pachorra made to face the Mano Menezes team that already had Neymar, then the star that shone at Santos. Argentina started off losing due to defensive neglect, but e l 10 turned the result quickly. The second goal was almost a copy of the one Caniggia made for Brazil in the 90th World Cup, although it was easier for him due to his left-handed profile.
This was the end of the first half, but in the second, the Brazilians were given a red carpet to easily enter the Argentine area. So tied and then Romero gave away the 2-3 after a corner in which the ball escaped from his hands and the Hulk pushed into the net. In that frenetic round trip into which the classic had become, with 15 minutes to go, Federico Fernández tied with a header . The 3-3 seemed like an ideal result: everyone happy, even the Americans who enjoyed a great game. But the best was missing.
Messi stole the ball from Marcelo in the middle of the field and started like a diagonal arrow towards the area . He advanced, advanced and before Juan's indecision to cross it, took a lethal left-footed shot before entering the area that was nailed to the farthest angle of goalkeeper Rafael Cabral . On the 10th he unleashed the madness of the entire Argentine squad that threw himself on top of him to embrace him . He had had an afternoon from another planet. Sabella did not know how to define it. And Neymar, so as not to forget it, asked him for the shirt to have it as a souvenir …

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