The day that Boca de Bianchi beat Racing de José

The day that Boca de Bianchi beat Racing de José 5

Three days before, with a 0-0 against Talleres, in Córdoba, he had already equaled the record held by the famous José Team, that Racing that became world champion and that had been undefeated for 39 dates in Argentine soccer . The first objective was accomplished, but that Boca de Bianchi wanted more . And he did it: on June 2, 1999, he beat Rosario Central 1-0 in the Bombonera and became the team with the longest streak without defeats . A goal by Jorge Bermúdez was the one that allowed him to keep that distinction and, furthermore, to be one step away from a new Olympic round. Oscar Córdoba; Aníbal Matellán, Jorge Bermúdez, Walter Samuel, Rodolfo Arruabarrena; Mauro Navas, Cristian Traverso, Diego Cagna; Juan roman riquelme; Guillermo Barros Schelotto and Martín Palermo were the 11 that Carlos Bianchi put on that Wednesday to face the team led by Edgardo Bauza. And it was the Colombian, with a header at the start of the second half, that sparked the celebration of Boca that night he wore a very particular shirt, in which white replaced the usual yellow. That triumph was Game 40 with no defeats, a streak that had started with four wins and a draw for the team led by Carlos García Cambón who took over the team after the departure of Bambino Veira. Then Bianchi took over, who had a great effectiveness from the outset: he took Boca unbeaten champion of Apertura 98 and became a double champion with the Olympic round of Clausura 99, although the undefeated was cut just the day of the Olympic round . Yes, Boca celebrated a new title despite having fallen 4-0 against Independiente. That win in the Double Visor, with a goal from midfield by José Luis Calderón included, closed in 40 the Boca record count but did not complicate the situation of the Bianchi team that celebrated despite the defeat. Why? Because had a seven point advantage over River, who lost against Racing and, then, two dates before the end of the tournament there was already a new champion . He was very close to achieving a two-championship without losing even one match, but Red did not allow him to have that exclusivity .

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