The day Lorenzo Sanz hired Roberto Carlos, the fastest signing in history



It was the fastest high-level signing in history. A huge failure by Inter, which let a star leave for a modest price 500 million pesetas in 1996, which translated into euros and the current comparable standard of living would be 35 million euros today.

Moratti asked for 900 million pesetas, 65 million euros, but had to accept the offer to satisfy the English technician.

Capello learned from an agent that Roberto Carlos had a bad relationship with Hodgson, asked to sign the club and in one day came to Real Madrid. It cost 500 million pesetas in 1996, which in an adaptation to the current standard of living in euros was 35 million

Moratti regretted it for a long time. His big mistake was admitting the transfer because Roberto Carlos and Hodgson got along very badly. He gave priority to coach, who usually lasts two newscasts, and lost a figure for eleven years, the eleven courses that Roberto Carlos shone at Real Madrid, where he conquered no less than three Champions, four Leagues and thirteen titles in total.

Fabio Capello, Real Madrid coach in two stages, was the first culprit for this successful achievement. An unexpected operation, the fastest in history. The Brazilian arrived in one day. Real Madrid had no problem in 1996 to sign Roberto Carlos. He was already considered a great left-back, but had a problem with Roy Hodgson, coach of the Italian team, and Capello, who knew him well as a rival in Italy, got his transfer in just one day.

Roberto Carlos was impregnable for a decade of his band. He got to make the 100 meters smooth in 10.9 seconds and the speed of his whip was 138.9 kilometers per hour, a cannon shot, never better said

The Italian preparer asked for it and the next day he was a player for Real Madrid. A lightning operation that meant a historic victory. "I could not believe it, I spoke with the president, I also asked for it in writing and the next day the operation was closed," said Fabio, who was a white coach twice with the distance of ten years and both times proclaimed himself champion of the League with the Madrid club.

Real Madrid, the truth, no obstacles were found for the signing because the Inter coach wanted to part with him. "I received reports that Roberto was angry with his coach in Italy and shortly after I arrived at Real Madrid an agent told me that Moratti wanted to sell," said Capello. He spoke to the club and everything was done in 24 hours.

Moratti regretted his entire life for the mistake of contenting a coach, who usually lasts for two newscasts

A wrong decision by the Milanese club and a huge success for Real Madrid, who for eleven seasons took all the juice from the Brazilian. The Spanish club owes a lot to Capello. He was the league champion twice and laid the foundations for the Seventh European Cup with the signings of key players, including Roberto Carlos. But the Italian coach decided to leave as soon as he won his first Spanish League, in 1997, feeling indebted to Berlusconi, who called him back in the summer of that year to return to San Siro: «My adventure at Real Madrid ended with a call Berlusconi asking me to go to Milan. I owed it all to him and I couldn't say no. But he came ten years later to win another League . Seven years earlier, Roberto Carlos lived with Redondo the heel of old Traffod in 2000 .

The story of Roberto Carlos began in 1995 with Massimo Moratti, who made that year with the reins of Inter. He signed Paul Ince, Javier Zanetti and the young Brazilian winger from Palmeiras, Roberto Carlos, 22, who had won two leagues in Brazil.

The winger stood out, but not Inter. And Hodgson took over the reins. " Roy Hodgson destroyed me, made me play in midfield. That way he would not have any opportunity to play for the national team and there was Copa América in 1997 », declared Roberto Carlos on ABC, already retired from football. "It was not that we got along badly, it was that he didn't know much about football," he finished. Inter's supporters supported him, but Hodgson wanted to remove him from the team. For the British Roberto Carlos he was undisciplined to play on the left as a defense. And removed him from the post, to line up Felice Centofanti.

After Hodgson signed Alessandro Pistone in November to play as a left-handed defense . And he placed Roberto Carlos as a midfielder. Hodgson did not know how to value the quality of Roberto Carlos. "I spoke to Moratti and asked him to let me go." Supreme coincidence, Capello came to Real Madrid in that summer of 1996. "I went to Real Madrid because of Fabio, he is the most important coach of my life."

His power, his forays and his great shot with the left-handed were key in that real Madrid. He was fast, he put me physically. For ten years no one tried to haggle for his band, it was simply impossible.

Roberto Carlos ran the 100 meters in 10.9 seconds in his best times. And his whiplash reached 138.9 kilometers per hour.

His career was like him, brilliant. His beginning of the great dream came true in 1986, at the age of thirteen. Roberto Carlos joined the ranks of the União São João, where he matured as a footballer. He looked in every division he went up to. In 1992, 19 years old, he was already an important player. The Palmeiras hired him. He occupied the left side in an eleven that had Rivaldo as a striker for that band. What a left flank.

The two league championships he won with the Brazilian team led him to sign for Inter in 1995 and a year later for Real Madrid.

Roberto Carlos played eleven years at the Bernabéu and held three European Cups, four Leagues, two Intercontinental Cups, one European Super Cup, three Spanish Super Cups and won a World Cup with Brazil in 2002. In 2007 he said goodbye to Real Madrid after winning the League with Capello for the second time.

He is the foreign footballer who has played the most games with the white shirt. He played 527 official meetings with Real Madrid and scored 69 goals. He went international with Brazil 128 times.

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