The day Gallardo almost drowned Biscay | River Plate

The day Gallardo almost drowned Biscay | River Plate 5

Martín Feijóo

18:00 pm

The friendship between Marcelo Gallardo and Matías Biscay is public knowledge. Along with Hernán Buján, they are the trident that ensures that the teams from the Doll era are highly competitive. The technician and his first assistant have known each other for a long time and there are thousands of anecdotes together.

But there is one that stands out from the others: the day that Marcelo Gallardo almost drowned Matías Biscay. In an interview on the Pura Química program, the current DT from River told how the dangerous situation was : "It was hot and he just stood on the riverbank. The day was beautiful and it occurred to me to throw it, ha. The issue was that he had run around and that Matías didn't know how to swim. I didn't realize it. "

The day Gallardo almost drowned Biscay | River Plate 6

Gallardo and Biscay, two of the architects of River's success.

The Doll did not have a good time during that moment and revealed how he felt after his evil. "It was the famous slap of the drowned. I was still very scared, my face gave me away" he recounted with laughter. Years later, their relationship is still intact and they took it upon themselves to bring River to the top of continental football twice: 2015 and 2018.

Biscay has already been the doll's main assistant for eight years, occupying his position in three of River's most important matches in Gallardo's cycle as coach: the return of the 2015 Copa Libertadores final against Tigres and the two matches of the decisive series of 2018 against Boca, in which the DT could not command from the bank due to the sanction imposed by Conmebol after what happened in the rematch against Gremio.

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