The day Dalma Maradona fought over her father at the Monumental

The day Dalma Maradona fought over her father at the Monumental 5

Dalma Maradona daughter of Diego, spoke hand-in-hand with Angela Lerena on TNT Sports and told several anecdotes that she lived with her father. Without going any further, the actress remembered the day she had to defend her father at the Monumental.
" My dad made me promise that I would never go to any field as a visitor . But I did go and sometimes I had a bad time. I knew the rules, I was not going to play the field, but sometimes I did not have a good time … Once I went to the River court, but not to a match against Boca . I went to see the Argentine National Team when my dad was a coach, "Dalma began.
And in the same vein, he recounted more details of that situation: "In the week before that game, my dad had said that he didn't want to play in River and blah blah, everyone knows … He finally had to play there the same and those statements remained for the whole week . That weekend Mercedes Sosa had just died and a fan began to insult my dad in the middle of the minute of silence ".
"The guy stood up and started fucking him. And I went there to face him, he was a huge guy and I was very small, hah. It couldn't happen in any way. Goyco came to separate me and all the people began to rebuke him . That was the most dangerous experience, let's say … Whatever I did, but it seemed to me that the minute of silence had to be respected, and it wasn't fucking my dad Dalma completed.
For his part, Dalma also spoke about saving gymnastics with Diego as DT: "I do not know, do I tell you the truth? I thought that the matches would be pending to see who was saved … But I found out On Twitter they were saved and I said: " You can't believe this guy, I don't know what's up! ." When I wanted to talk about it, he was not confirmed. This is his life, what happens when he gets to a place, ha … ".
"They could be saved or not in another way, because there were still pending games … But suddenly a pandemic appeared that nobody expected and all the parties were suspended. That's when you say: 'This guy has something … '", closed.

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