The CSD, the key to publicize football

 Rubén Cañizares Rubén CañizaresSEGUIRMadrid
Updated: 06/10/2020 00: 48h
Related news Just a month ago, the vast majority of League teams returned to training in their respective sports cities after two months confined to their homes, like the rest of the Spanish. They did it individually and with extreme precautionary measures, but that was a sigh of hope for the world of soccer and for the fans, all of them eager to retake the championship although, at the same time, aware of the enormous difficulty ahead. In fact, the debate at that time was on the imposition or not of mandatory concentrations during all the weeks prior to the restart to avoid possible contagions that could put this reentry of the League in danger. From that, it seems that not even the ashes remain. In just thirty days, the uncertainty of the return of the League has passed to a series of messages, decisions and pressures for it to be carried out with a third of the capacity in the stands. From black to white almost without going through gray: «In the royal decree that was approved today by the Council of Ministers the decision regarding preventive measures that have to presiding over the two professional soccer competitions (La Liga Santander and LaLiga SmartBank) and basketball (Liga ACB) in the return to the new normal, "Salvador Illa, the Minister of Health, explained yesterday. "The decisions adopted [por el CSD] will address as a priority the health circumstances as well as the need to protect both athletes and citizens attending activities and competitions," says the BOE in this regard. Speaking in silver, the Government did not close the door yesterday to the desire to put fans in the stadiums in the final stretch of the remaining eleven days of the League, but wanted to make it clear that they will be the ones who will have the last word and that, in any case, if it were to be carried out it would be carried out unevenly: «In my opinion, we must guarantee equity, so it cannot be that there are people in one stadium and not in others. The Ministry of Health will inform when we listen to the competition, the organizers and the autonomies and it will be the CSD that decides, "argued Illa. Not in a hurryThe minister's speech came to ratify what was already said last Sunday by President Pedro Sánchez and allies himself with the CSD's thought: “There are people who are trying to rush this and we don't think logical. We will have to bear the pressure of one and the other and the disparity of criteria, but the only criteria on the table will be health and epidemiology. And as for the dates, this debate does not touch now, but what is clear to the CSD is that it will not allow any inequality in the competition and what is done will be done by consensus, ”sources from the organization explained to ABC. In recent days, several possible dates have been speculated to see the fans again in the stadiums. What if on June 22, the end of the state of alarm, what if on 29, just before the day that will take place at the Camp Nou for Barça and Atlético … All environmental noise without any basis. The CSD has not changed its position. The body sees it impossible for there to be fans in these first days of the League, difficult on the other dates and releases a "we'll see" with a view to the next season, although they also recognize that it would be a shot in the foot to rule out one hundred percent the presence of public in the final days. In the Government they understand that to allow already in phase 3 a certain capacity for concerts, theaters, cinemas, bullfights or any other type of event outdoors collides with the absolute refusal to put fans in football stadiums and therefore their decision to study it, but in turn they understand the enormous risk of the decision and appeal to medical criteria and prudence before taking a step that, wrong, could be fatal. Going to football involves a series of social and leisure activities before and after that must be monitored, as explained in the royal decree: «The minimum interpersonal distance of 1.5 meters must be ensured, as well as due control to avoid crowds. When it is not possible to maintain this safety distance, adequate hygiene measures shall be observed to prevent the risks of contagion. " For this reason, according to members of the Executive told this newspaper if the health evolution is adequate, an option to assess, and as a pilot test for the next soccer course, would be to open the fields the last two days of the League, "but in much more limited conditions than many are wishing", sentence from the Government of Spain.

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