The coronavirus opens the doors of Tokyo 2021 to the pertiguist Miren Bartolomé



On April 3, first symptom: 38.5 degrees of fever. A day later, the tenths persisted. The following indications, one after the other, pointed unidirectionally: one week with earaches, two weeks with a sore throat, which prevented him from eating food, and an insistent headache, and three weeks with loss of taste and smell. And all leading to a major fatigue. The viral process suffered by Miren Bartolomé, the current Spanish outdoor and indoor pole vault champion tolerated it with paracetamol and the mandatory home confinement. Two preventive measures that did not oblige to pass the tests of the COVID-19 but all the symptoms were evident.

The daily coexistence with his family nucleus brought about the domino effect: his mother and brother, although with a milder symptomatology, did not have a fever, but suffered deprivation of taste and smell, and his father did have a medical condition similar to Miren, although also lighter than the Navarrese athlete. To this day, the whole family is already fully recovered.

Miren Bartolomé is one of the few elite Spanish athletes who has suffered from the coronavirus. Tutored by Francis Hernández, he is 22 years old and next season he will debut in the senior category, although he currently boasts his absolute leadership domestically.

During the first weeks of confinement he trained at home, thanks to the material that his coach sent him, the most useful work being a weight table in the family garden, but it ended up being an unsustainable situation. Later, training in the Ripagaina Park, in Pamplona.

Until the Ministry of Health authorized the Autonomous Community of Navarra to pass to phase 1 of the deconfinition process. A new scenario that has allowed Miren Bartolomé to train again at the Larrabide Stadium Sports Technification Center also in the capital of Navarre.

The outdoor season is already out of the question. His great seasonal objective was the qualification for the European Championships in Paris, to be held the last week of August. His options to be in the continental event were very solid, since being a sub'23 athlete, he required 4 meters and 45 centimeters, and his best outdoor mark was 4'42. Very close.

Olympic illusion for 2021

The postponement of the Tokyo Olympics for 2021 opens a door that this year was closed. There are two classification routes: the Olympic minimum (4.70) or the world ranking by points, by means of which five competitions will be computed, in which Miren, according to his estimates, must be in all over the 4'50. "This year I did not have it as a clear objective, but by delaying it by one year I can think of it differently and try to fight for that position," he says in statements to RTVE.

I will try to fight for the place at the Games

And another objective in 2021 will be to beat the current record in Spain, held by Naroa Aguirre since 2007, with 4'56 meters: "I would be very excited to beat it."

Miren Bartolomé is not alone, quite the contrary, very well accompanied in the Spanish pole vault. Her traveling companions are Malen Ruiz de Azua, Andrea San José, Ana Carrasco, Maialen Axpe, Mónica Clemente …


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