The coronavirus ends Tottenham, in economic crisis and adrift with Mourinho

 Alejandro Díaz-Agero Alejandro Díaz-AgeroSEGUIR
  Updated: 06/05/2020 08: 26h
 The Tottenham seems bent on confirming the old saying that the difficult thing was never to arrive, but to stay. Just a year ago, he played in the Wanda Metropolitano a final of the Champions League and today there are not even the ashes of what was that wonderful team led by Mauricio Pochettino. Sunk in sports, for months given to a savior with the scratched prestige as Mourinho, he is now facing the economic setback of the coronavirus. Such is its size that yesterday it announced that it will receive a state aid worth 195 million euros. The justification is hidden behind the so-called CCFF, Covid Corporate Financing Facility a short-term loan plan sponsored by the Bank of England which has hosted the Tottenham Stadium. That is precisely one of the ways in which the London club's economy began to break down five years ago, in the summer of 2015, when it began to be built after the president, Daniel Levy agreed to pay of almost a billion euros for his new house. This gave rise to a period of austerity in old White Hart Lane. The team clung to Pochettino and gave him full sports powers to build a team that would storm the positions that give access to the Champions League. It failed the first year, but then it didn't get off. Clinging to a solid spine, made up of players like Lloris, Vertonghen, Eriksen or Kane the whole of the north of the English capital flourished as one of the references of the Premier. It is worth the transfer market of the summer of 2018, when it became the only team that did not spend a single euro on incorporations, as a sign of the direction it had taken. Wolverhampton. The serious economic crisis he is facing, waiting for the consequences that it may have on his opponents, compromises the team's sporting future, clutching this course to the sparks of Son. Levy yesterday put the losses at around 200 million pounds (more than 220 million euros) the losses that he will have to face, the majority derived from the loss of income from the fertilizers and events that he planned to hold at his facilities. The NFL for example, signed to bring two games a year to its stadium since its inauguration. The Saracens, a local rugby team, were playing their main matches of the year there, and the fight for the title of world heavyweight boxing champion between Anthony Joshua and Kubrat Pulev, although it had already been postponed by the pandemic, was scheduled by June 20. On Wednesday, Tottenham registered the only positive in the league for coronavirus, in the test that confirms another saying: misfortunes rarely travel on their own.

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