The condition of the Government so that there is public in the stadiums

 Emilio V. Escudero Emilio V. EscuderoFOLLOW
  Updated: 06/03/2020 00: 50h
 What seemed a few hours ago the bravado of the president of a club has become the national debate in the world of football. To the words of Miguel Ángel Ramírez head of the Unión Deportiva Las Palmas, assuring that there would be a public in the stands of the Gran Canaria stadium on the 13th, the government responded yesterday by opening its arms. Conciliatory, but without euphoria. Leaving the door open for stadium fans this season while acknowledging that it is a complicated possibility. The wish of the president of Las Palmas will not be fulfilled, since there will be no followers of his club cheering on the team from the stands in the first game after the Enjoy the best information for free Sign up on ABC in a few seconds. It's free, easy and fast. Sign up now If you're already registered, Sign in Topics

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