The Bundesliga removes the obligation to wear face masks on the benches and stands

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The German Bundesliga announced the elimination of the obligation to wear facemasks for the substitutes and the members of the coaching staff of the teams that are on the bench or in the stands during matches, as long as they are separated by 1.5 meters apart.

This was reported by the German Soccer League (DFL) and the German Federation (DFB) in a joint statement indicating that the modifications to the security plan have been accepted by the Ministry of Labor.

The fourth referee will also be exempted from wearing a mask and the statement recalls that the referees, like the players and members of the coaching staff, regularly undergo tests for co ronaviruses.

In addition, the number of people who may be present in stadiums has slightly increased.

The number of journalists, in addition to the representatives of those who have television rights, will be raised from 13 to 26 .

The changes will apply from this weekend's matches and are valid for the first, second and third Bundesligas, as well as for the women's Bundesliga.

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