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 The Millionaire Page

The Millionaire Page

2:00 PM

On this new birthday of the Greatest, from LPM we wanted to greet the club from the power of the phrases of many of the great icons who knew how to wear the shirt or made great history. There we rescue the best words dedicated to the maximum passion that surrounds our lives, with the background voices of idols of the stature of Ariel Ortega Marcelo Gallardo.

For its part, the club uploaded a video where the Doll with his voiceover and then with an appearance at the end of it is the main protagonist . The current DT tells from start to finish the rich history of the institution, and culminates with an emotional message with the shirt on.

The champions of America and the Intercontinental in 1986 were others who joined in the greetings through a fantastic video in which with their testimonies recall the moments lived in that glorious year and tell everything that River meant in their lives .

And finally the Fan Subcommittee was also present on social networks with some very heartfelt words intertwined with a fantastic edition of images that represent the River Plate DNA and that explain everything the club represents in these 119 years.

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