The Battle for Hype promotion is closed due to financial problems

Blogger Amiran Sardarov has announced the closure of the Battle for Hype MMA promotion. “Unfortunately, I am forced to tell you the news, which I myself am not happy with, but the circumstances have developed,” Sardarov said in an appeal that was published on YouTube. “The battle for hype will no longer go out.” I can’t pull it, I can’t pull it out. It was hard for me to pull it up to the coronavirus. Costs grew very much, fees increased, your appetites grew. But this is a normal story, there are no complaints. Any fighter who wins, wants and deserves to receive more for the next battle. I remember your requests that you should make plans for life by the number of fights. The money that you managed to earn was not even enough to support the promotion even in the state in which it was. The potential of the promotion is good, this is the first promotion in Russia that has left the people and is loved by the people. But math doesn't beat, unfortunately. There is no market, no money, no investor. There isn’t much money on YouTube yet no one is ready to invest in such projects and wait until it starts to bring something. I have to inform you that the project is closing. This is not the end of life. We will continue to build our lives. I'm not glad that I have to say this, I put my soul into this brainchild. It is a pity that this movement is crumbling. Unfortunately, the crisis and the coronavirus are mercilessly destroying everything now. Both health and business. Any undertaking. ”

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