The Bara will put a commercial surname to the Camp Nou and donate the proceeds to the fight against the coronavirus



The club will first commercialize the 'title rights' of its stadium and that money will be used for research projects.

The Bara will put a commercial surname to the Camp Nou and donate the proceeds to the fight against the coronavirus 5

Interior of the Camp Nou, stadium of the Ftbol Club Barcelona.

Barcelona, ​​for the first time in its history, will put a commercial surname at Camp Nou. The club's board of directors has agreed to transfer the title rights of its stadium to the club's Foundation, which will be in charge of finding a commercial sponsor for the 2020-21 season. The income obtained will go to research projects and initiatives against the damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic, at the state and international level. The entity has never exploited this commercial asset, until now reserved only for the future financing of the so-called Espai Bara.

The intention of Barcelona is to put on the market title rights for a single season and, with the money received, create a fund: "A part will go to a project on Covid-19 promoted by the sponsor himself, and the rest will be distributed among other projects that are being developed in parallel," explains Barcelona it's a statement.

These projects will be chosen by a monitoring committee that will be formed by Jordi Cardoner first vice president of both the club and the Foundation; Mria Valls CEO of the Bara Foundation; Jaume Padrs president of the Collegi de Metges in Barcelona; and Ramon Canal head of the medical services of the Barça entity. They will also manage the financing of the initiatives against Covid-19.

Far from the 1,047 million

"We are very pleased to be able to promote this initiative that offers an asset as emblematic as It is the name of our stadium so that the institutions, entities and companies that wish to do so can associate and, in this way, contribute to the fight against Covid-19, since their investment will go towards research projects on this disease and projects who are working to eliminate or alleviate its consequences, "Cardoner said in the club's official media.

Barcelona, ​​which has seen how the coronavirus crisis has led to a collapse of its income, which will be far from the 1,047 million euros that had been budgeted, and which comes from cut the salary of all its workers -through a private agreement with the footballers of the first team, through an ERTE co n the rest of the employees – now exploring the sale of the Camp Nou surname is a path that, at least for one season, does not affect the entity's income account. But in solidarity actions.

Payments of Espai Bara

Barcelona, ​​in any case, makes it clear that the sale of the Camp Nou surname in favor of the fight against the coronavirus is "compatible" with the future agreement that is reached to face the payments of the Espai Bara, whose new financing is pending a new referendum by the partners.

The President of Barcelona, ​​ Josep Maria Bartomeu after the government crisis suffered due to the scandal of the accounts fake that led to the resignation of six managers, is now trying to bring order. Pending, that is, the conclusions of the auditor in charge of Price Waterhouse Coopers. For now, the top Barça president announced this Tuesday to his boardmates the name of the fourteenth director. This is Jaume Carreter Felip economist and businessman born in 1960, and who has been part of the club's social commission since 2015.

With this new incorporation, Barcelona ensures that it complies with Article 33 of its statutes, which expresses the need for the board of directors to be composed "of at least 14 members".

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