The Argentine who fought with the Swiss Lichtsteiner: "He was cowardly, arrogant and arrogant"

The Argentine who fought with the Swiss Lichtsteiner: "He was cowardly, arrogant and arrogant" 5

The only European experience of José 'Pepe' Chatruc was back in 2003 when he went to try his luck at Grasshopper a club of the Swiss First Division. After having good performances in Racing and San Lorenzo, the midfielder signed for the Swiss club and shared the roster with a young man Stephan Lichtsteiner who until recently played for Juventus.
Without going any further, Chatruc did not have a good relationship with the Swiss winger and, in dialogue with TNT Sports, said that they were on the verge of going hand in hand in training .
" Lichtsteiner had to give it to me and he didn't give it to me he always played outside, I had to keep it to play … And nothing … He gave me a thousand and one until that one day I caught him in training and said to him: 'Give it to me because I'm going to kill you'. He answered me wrong and told him that he was waiting outside. He kept me waiting for two hours and did not return " Chatruc argued.
And in the same line, he added: " Because apart from being a coward, later he came in asking for forgiveness … He was cursed. An Argentine told me that it was just what I was saying, ha … But also I told Lichtsteiner that he was not going to get anywhere and in the end he played fifteen years at Juve … What yes, he had a barbaric physique ".
" I recently spoke with a player of the Argentine National Team and he told me that he also fought. He has a arrogant, arrogant character … He looks at you badly, as if saying: 'This It's Sudaca. 'And on the court I didn't give it to you … It was bad, "Chatruc said.
And finally, the former Racing and San Lorenzo midfielder added: " Above him he looked at what clothes you had … They spoke Swiss-German, they looked at your clothes and they took off your leather. I had bought myself two briefs from a renowned brand and one day I repeated it … And one from behind told me that I put on the same one, it was dirty … The Swiss were tremendous ", he closed.
After his time at Grasshopper, Lichtsteiner had a career in full swing and he wore the shirts of Lille, Lazio, Juventus and Arsenal from England. Today, at 36, he is in the Augsburg of the Bundesliga, but in his career he must also score a fight with Pepe Chatruc .

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