The amusing anecdotes of Troglio and Ruggeri in River | River Plate

The amusing anecdotes of Troglio and Ruggeri in River | River Plate 5

Nadir Ghazal

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One of the most unforgettable rosters in the history of River will be that of 1986 and not only because he was the only one to get the Intercontinental Cup, but also because they had an incredible union and strength inside and outside of court.

   THE UNMISSABLE ANECDOTES OF RUGGERI AND TROGLIO # 90MinutosFOX | Pedro remembered that the largest in the Millionaire beat the boys and they left gifts in the room.— FOX Sports Argentina (@FOXSportsArg)
   June 1, 2020

Pedro Troglio and Oscar Ruggeri were part of that time, and together they remembered incredible and funny anecdotes from that historical team. "I was recently operated on for peritonitis, and the most experienced on campus in training beat me on the back. Afterwards, my brigade of the youngest on campus would go and leave 'prizes' for them in bed ," he explained. Troglio smiles in dialogue with 90 Minutes.

To which the Cabezón replied: "We were the carapintadas, what we hit this little asshole, heh. Then they left us shit on the bed or on the door handles, they were terrible . If we arrived alive the match was a miracle. "

   The amusing anecdotes of Troglio and Ruggeri in River | River Plate 6
    Ruggeri and Troglio celebrating the Libertadores, along with a large part of that squad (Archive)

And the talk between the terrible fights between both sides continued with pure joy: "If we the great ones separated and we were going to walk alone, the little boys would grab you and shit you to sticks between all of them," Ruggeri said. But Pedro was not far behind: "They all came hooded at two in the morning and pointed real guns at us in the beds when we were sleeping."

Finally they told the story of a famous carnival that made Bambino Veira angry, who was the DT of River at that time. " We filled water bulbs with coca and came at the rally and we started the war until a leader who was there in a white shirt tied her up," Troglio said. And the Cabezón finished it off: "After a while the bambino came out very hot, all platinum and well dressed, he challenged us and left the concentration. He went to hell for sure that night, heh."

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