The 42 teams of the league, waiting for the phone call of "yes" or "no"

Tomás González-Martín
  Updated: 05/23/2020 12: 58h
 Related newsThe 42 clubs in the League are waiting for the League to find out if they will be able to train normally on Monday or if they will continue with this surrealism of working together with a maximum of ten men, a figure that does not even allow working as a team. the pressure and the closeness of the players is the same as that existing in a match. The prohibition does not make sense because the footballers are equally together or separated, being ten or twenty-two in a match. There are images of teams exercising right now in which we see how one player presses another to take the ball from him. Today, right now in the fields, they can do it five against five and, in other different groups, another five against five. So why can't they press eleven against eleven, if the distance is the same? It doesn't make sense. The teams await communication from the League to find out if they will work normally on Monday. If this happens, the League could start on June 12, since the return to normal protocol requires fourteen days of joint training and those two weeks would begin on May 25. If Health prevents teamwork, that normality would return then on June 1 and the championship could no longer begin until June 15 at least.

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