The 16-year-old hitch that could sign his first contract | River Plate

The 16-year-old hitch that could sign his first contract | River Plate 5

Nadir Ghazal

10:20 am

For Marcelo Gallardo, the Inferiors are a fundamental pillar of his work and one of his great objectives is that the First team is made up of a majority of kids born in the club. That is why River seeks to protect every great talent that appears from the hotbed, with the aim that clubs from other parts of the world do not have the possibility of taking them away by parental authority.

Axel Encinas was born in Tigre, and plays hitch in the Seventh Division. He turned 16 on May 24, is closely followed by Marcelo Gallardo, and is already the minimum age for him to sign his first contract. In this way the leadership advanced with the talks so that the seal of the link is realized in the coming days.

In turn, the idea is that the termination clause is as high as possible to protect itself from any tempting offer from other continents. It should be noted that Encinas also stood out in a great way in the Argentina Sub 15 National Team under the orders of Diego Placente, and in turn was chosen as the most valuable player in the Premier League Sub 16, where he represented the Millionaire.

Axel arrived in River when he was 9 years old and the pandemic that haunts the world due to the coronavirus did not allow him to make his official debut in the Seventh Division. His performances in Eighth and Novana have been outstanding, as well as the hope placed in him in the future.

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