"That the League returns is an atrocity"



José María García has described the return of football in Spain as an "atrocity" and what considers the triumph of those who "put money before anything else."

In an interview in Cope Málaga the veteran sports journalist has expressed his frontal opposition to the return of La Liga : «It seems to me a real atrocity and a tremendous folly that the league is disputed again. This is the victory of those who put money before anything else. ”

García, 76, considers the amount of tests consumed by footballers as unethical as opposed to the problems encountered by the staff To get one: «The contagion can come at any time … but see photographs disinfecting a ball, see footballers passing four tests, when you see that doctors, nurses or assistants who have risked their lives to help others and they are denied a simple test … It is to say that we are in the Spain of some everything, and others nothing. ”

The announcer assured that he had never experienced anything like the coronavirus. "Hopefully it will not happen again," he explained, before criticizing the management of Sheik Al Thani at the helm of Malaga: "Here everyone wants to make a profit and it has been a disgrace for Malaga. It cannot be done worse or with more reluctance and less knowledge of the cause. "

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