TDP at Casa interviews the Spanish soccer player Vero Boquete

At 33 years old, the first great female star of Spanish soccer is preparing to face a new season. Atypical. Short. It will last a month, starting on June 27. With the 9 teams in the American league, the NWSL, concentrated in Salt Lake City (Utah). Vero Boquete lives there. And from there he has chatted with Fe López and David Figueira about the intense moment in American society.

Until I came to the United States I was not aware of what it means to be black here

“Demonstrations are daily in Salt Lake City. We have been curfew for several days at 8 in the afternoon. I see it with concern and sorrow, but knowing that the social moment we are experiencing is important and this is a cause for which we must fight together. It wasn't until I came to the United States that I became aware of what it means to be black here. Everything they have to live and suffer for the color of their skin. It is a very deep wound that comes from far away. If in 2020 we have not known how to turn this situation around, we will have to learn from now on, "says Boquete.

The Galician soccer player has been jogging around the world with her football for 10 years. Germany, Russia, Sweden and the United States . And although he acknowledges that he would "love" to return to the Iberdrola League, for the moment his immediate future is through the NWSL dispute, without an audience and in his city, in Salt Lake City. "We will be very safe, very controlled. We will try to offer the best show to the fans. "

The sports law is outdated and we need that to change

The American league is going to be played. The Spanish was terminated at the beginning of the pandemic. “The Iberdrola league is not a professional league. Sports law is outdated and we need that to change . It is sad to see how the Iberdrola League has been unable to continue but, realistically, it was impossible for it to do so because the conditions do not exist to save that competition, "reflects Boquete.

There is deep unease among the Iberdrola League players over the decision of the Spanish Federation to end the season, unlike men's soccer. They complain that with them they have done the same as with non-professional football. Barça, whose players have received the congratulations of President Bartomeu on video conference today, was proclaimed champion with nine days to go.

Vero lives his fourth professional stage in the United States. “I like to adapt to different cultures, to languages, and I have enjoyed every country I have been to. But in the United States, when it comes to professional sports, it's all very easy. ’ And from there, he closely follows the good moment of the Spanish team . In its day it was the banner of this team. 3 years ago, coach Jorge Vilda stopped calling her. "I enjoy the selection from a distance, with a little anger and sorrow for not being able to participate in that good moment," laments Boquete.

A week ago, the Utah Royals returned to group practice. In less than 20 days they return to the competition . And Vero Boquete with them. The goal is to continue enjoying: “I am grateful to football for the life it has given me and is giving me. For the values ​​that he has transmitted to me and that I hope will accompany me throughout my life. ”

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