Svetlana Kuznetsova: Serena is funny and vulnerable. For me, she is the greatest athlete

Svetlana Kuznetsova: Serena is funny and vulnerable. For me, she is the greatest athlete 5
Here are some answers of the former second racket of the world, the champion of US Open-2004 and Roland Garros-2009 to the questions of the Team on the journalist’s live Instagram. ABOUT MOSCOW AND ABROAD
– I am training now in Moscow. This is a city where you can relax your soul. After eight years in Spain, tired of foreigners. I’m still closer to the Russian soul. In some ways we are similar to Italians. They are the same impulsive. And the Spaniards are more conservative … In general, I don’t like talking that everything is good abroad, and everything is bad with us. This negative has been stretching since the days of the USSR. And now the negative of the rest of Russia is being added to Moscow. Muscovites too stick out their comfortable lives. ABOUT KURNIKOVA
– When I’m in Miami, I always stop by Anne Kournikova for tea. Two years ago I was at her house. She is a super professional in family life. Gets up with children early in the morning, does not throw off everything on nannies. Enrique returns in the evening (Iglesias is a popular singer, Kournikova’s husband. – approx. Ed. ), they spend time together. Anya takes care of herself, goes in for sports, still in brilliant form. And she doesn’t need the attention of the press, she’s tired of it over the years of her career.
And it amazes me when they are called a business project with Iglesias. People think so many things. Yes, Ani has the most money. She herself is a celebrity. No, they have a full family. And Enrique is a great father. ABOUT SELF-INSULATION
– Having returned from America, she passed the coronavirus test. I posted it on Instagram – and people began to write all sorts of nonsense! .. I bought a couple of simulators, I worked. I sold shoes through Avito … It's not for the money. It’s just so much that there’s nowhere to put it. I sell shoes for eight to ten thousand. I'm already like Cherkizon. I drive everything in the trunk to take pictures and upload it. ABOUT PSYCHOLOGIST
– His help was needed when I was 20. At 19 I won the US Open, and the next year I flew in the first round. Parents wanted me to leave Spain, we had a fight, problems started. Then she turned to a psychologist. He really helped. Why are Russian men dismissive of people in this profession? This is closed, complexes. If you have something to share, do not be afraid. They will help you. Incidentally, we are launching a site on psychology with one girlfriend. An interesting project. Users will be able to chat with specialists online. ABOUT SERENA
– Most girls Serena Williams still wins even before going to court. This is psychological pressure. She's all such a deadpan, very good actress. I admire her. I remember the first time they played with her, I could wear a diaper. For me she is the greatest athlete. In fact, with its dimensions, moving quickly is not easy. But she does it. Year after year.
Are we friends? Well, after I beat her in Miami, Serena ignored me … But then again they established a relationship. In fact, she is funny and vulnerable. It's on the court – in a good way, a killer. And she has a very reverent attitude to money. This is from childhood. She's from the ghetto. ABOUT WOMEN'S TENNIS
– Now a WTA tour, I don’t want to offend anyone, I still chopped it. Before, there were still more tennis players of a truly top level. And now I sometimes don’t know who is in the top ten. Very big stuff. And rather, it was not the middle peasants who were drawn to leaders, but vice versa. ABOUT FEDERER AND FAMILY
– Everyone understands that Roger Federer is a god. But I'm not ready to play at his age. I want children and family … Speaking on tour, it is very difficult to find a couple. You're on the road all the time. What, a man must wait for you in Moscow? Or accompany all the time? But then it turns out that a woman contains a man. This is also not my option.

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