Students' position on the chance that Marcos Rojo will play in Boca

Students' position on the chance that Marcos Rojo will play in Boca 5

After the departure of Gabriel Milito, Leandro Desábato took over as coach of Estudiantes accompanied by Rodrigo Braña and Gustavo Salinas in the coaching staff. Without going any further, Chapu opined on the chance that Marcos Rojo would leave Pincha to play in Boca.
" I would never get mad at a football decision by a friend, we must appreciate that Marcos chose Students while in Manchester we must be grateful that he returned. There is no need to make an assessment that, if he played well or badly , what happens from here onwards will be football decisions. The decision we make we will accept, "said the former student midfielder, in dialogue with Cielo Sports.
In the same vein, Braña admitted that they will not be angry with the decision made by Rojo: " He resigned a lot to come, it would be selfish of us to say what he has to do when we do not know if we will return in November capable and he will play a month you can't make some decisions, you have to wait. "
" Marcos is a great player and we know his follies, I love him and he is a friend and I would never call him on the phone to tell him this or that if we were training there I will grab him and tell him, but It does not correspond to me, he is big and knows, "added the Chapu, about the latest attitudes of Rojo, who showed himself smoking and with friends in the midst of quarantine.

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