Stories – about the Russian championship: Everything is going to lead to a very difficult crisis

Moscow Spartak defender Nikolai Rasskazov gave a disappointing forecast for the development of the national championship after the coronavirus pandemic. “I think it will be wrong, if only the championship or only the cup continues. Still, this applies to one season. This is a financial issue. If it is profitable for the clubs to continue, then it is necessary to do so. It’s not easy for everyone now. Everything goes to the point that there will be a very serious crisis. The worst thing is that we have a lot of budget teams. It is not so scary what will happen to such teams as Zenit, Spartak, Lokomotiv, Dynamo, Krasnodar, whose funding is very good. The question is how teams like Tula, for example, will play. They will survive directly, it will be very difficult for them. Leonid Arnoldovich recently said that for Spartak the continuation of the championship without fans at a fast pace is not a good option. I think that in any case, games with fans will not be soon. There will be mostly empty stands, because there is a very high probability of a second wave of the epidemic. I think mass events will not open soon. Therefore, it all depends on financing. The problem of our football is that our TV is very lame. We don’t give money for TV – in fact, they give some pennies. As I was told, these are very small amounts even for middle peasants like Tula. The same "Tambov" – where did they get the money? And TV gives practically nothing. Because TV is very cheap for football. Even taking into account TV advertising, no one will have superprofits. All money is from the budget. What will happen next with football is unclear, ”the player said live on Spartak Moscow / Fan Diary on Instagram.

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