Stanislav Eremin: The Euroleague made a logical decision, but I thought the commercial side would win

Ex-captain of the USSR national team and former head coach of Moscow CSKA Stanislav Eremin spoke about the early completion of the Euroleague season because of the coronavirus pandemic. “I believe that this is a completely logical decision,” Yeremin said in an interview with RIA Novosti. – It would be wrong to continue the tournament, because the teams would be in unequal conditions. Indeed, many foreign players left, in particular the Americans. It would be wrong to assemble teams in a hurry. Another thing is that the commercial side has suffered. But the decision, I repeat, is logical. Although before that I assumed that, regardless of the complexity of the situation, the commercial side will win. ”Before the forced pause in the competitions in the Euroleague regular season, 28 rounds of 34 were possible. Three Russian clubs played in the tournament: CSKA, Khimki and Zenit .

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