Stadium Study | Martínez-Almeida: "It was unwise for 4,000 Atlético fans to travel to Liverpool"



"I think it is better to be cautious" . The mayor of Madrid José Luis Martínez-Almeida does not see clearly the proposal, among others of the UD Las Palmas to play games with a percentage of the public if the phase in which each city is allowed: "It can be complicated and difficult to manage public access to stadiums, given the situation we are still experiencing" caused by the coronavirus .

Almeida also wanted to add "a second question", in this case sports, to reject this idea: "All teams have to play under the same conditions" . For the mayor of Madrid, if permission were granted to play with the public "to some communities and not to others, differences would be established in the ways of competing" for each team.

And when asked about the start of the coronavirus crisis in Spain and the displacement of Atlético's fans to Liverpool in the eighths of the Champions a few days before confinement, Martínez-Almeida Critic: “It was unwise for 4,000 Atlético fans to travel. Seen with perspective, this does not deserve the slightest doubt. It was absolutely risky and risky, given the situation we lived in. "

Liverpool have not attended the pre-match directive meal to prevent the coronavirus

Instead, facing the Champions League final, which is looking for a new venue to be played in August, Martínez-Almeida was predisposed to host it: "Yes, I would like to, and we would support that proposal from the city council." And he made it clear that it would be to play it "in the Metropolitan, because the Santiago Bernabéu is under construction."

Some works from the Bernabéu that the mayor of Madrid sees with very good eyes: “Happy with how the works are going. Real Madrid is going to have an extraordinary stadium ”. And he added: “With the cover being built, the stadium will have many more uses, in addition to Madrid's 30 games a year. It seems to me that for the white club it is a great operation. ”

Regarding the demolition of the Vicente Calderón Stadium, Almeida assured that “it has little left. From what they tell me, ten days. ” In addition, he went into detail to explain that, in that area, "the idea is to cover the M-30 to give continuity to Madrid Río and, on the footprint of the stadium, build a large green area.


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