Sport raises its voice in Congress



The president of the Spanish Sports Association (ADESP), José Hidalgo asked this Monday at the Commission for Social and Economic Reconstruction of Congress a new fiscal framework for sport together with a strategic plan for it and its consideration as a generator of health, well-being and economic progress.

Hidalgo defended the role of sport as the social and economic engine of the country before summarizing and delivering to deputies the plan for the reconstruction and activation of Spanish sport prepared by ADESP and the Fundación España Active in these months, which includes 24 measures and recommendations centered on three axes: actions, fiscal treatment and economic stimuli and sport as a tool for recovery .

" The inclusion of the sport in discourse and political communication program as a generator of health, social welfare and economic progress "was the first action that Hidalgo claimed, along with" the international projection of our sport "and its empowerment" to form values ​​and healthy habits expanding physical education to three hours in the school curriculum. "

Regarding his tax treatment, claimed the" creation on of a special commission to speak with the Treasury to support the return to sport of 1% on sports betting which should be managed by the Higher Sports Council and linked to the prevention of addictive behavior in gambling ".

"You bet on our activities and our athletes and nothing affects the sector ," said Hidalgo, also president of the Spanish Triathlon Federation (FETRI), who also spoke of "tax incentives for that not only large organizers, but also more modest organizers and companies can be welcomed. Patronage, sponsorship and donations need a new framework that is more effective and in line with our times and greater legal certainty. "

In his speech he also proposed" a direct public-private aid fund for sports entities "; that the 2021 budgets contemplate" 22 million euros more than the current ones for sport – which was already in the 2019 preliminary draft ", and" support for digital transformation with aid for innovation projects ".

"The elaboration of a strategic plan in favor of health, the fight against childhood obesity and the quality of life", as well as "the commitment to sustainability" and the claim of sports tourism as a catalyst of the national, since it moves 2,500 million euros according to the data of the CSD, were other of his approaches.

" Sport in this new reality may be the best social 'polypill' and can improve health and quality ad of life of all Spaniards because sendentarismo kills. According to WHO data, 13.4% of annual deaths are a consequence of inactivity. Just reducing 10% would mean saving 156 million euros in healthcare, "he said.

In response to the interventions of the commission's groups, Hidalgo called for" a remodeling and improvement of the ADO program, " for "continuing to support young talent" and working to increase women's participation both in practice and in management to exceed the current 23% average.

"The new sport will be more sustainable, egalitarian, inclusive, technological, transversal and solidary and in need of greater coordination. We are prepared but we will need your help. The world of sports as it always is and has been waiting for all of them for too long, "he appealed.

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