Spartak is ready to distribute masks and gloves with its symbols to the fans at the entrance to the stadium

Leonid Fedun stated that Spartak is ready to issue masks and gloves with its own symbols and to distribute them to fans at the entrance to the stadium, if authorities will allow spectators to attend football matches after the restart of the Russian championship. “Football without spectators is not football, it is a training tournament,” Fedun said in an interview with RBC. – Today, Moscow Mayor Sobyanin has already said that concessions are beginning, as the disease is already receding, and from my own experience I can say that hospitals are ready to work with coronavirus as a regular SARS. We are ready to produce masks and gloves with their own symbols and give out to everyone at the entrance and attach them to the subscription. Secondly, at a stadium between spectators, a sanitary distance of two to three meters is possible. It is clear that the stadium will gather 15 thousand spectators, and not 45, but this will also help to avoid a crush at the exits. I think that the audience will be happy to attend the matches again, and the risk of infection will be lower than in the subway and bus. "On May 25, the 64-year-old owner of Spartak was discharged from the hospital and continues to be treated for coronavirus at home. After 22 rounds of red White takes eighth place in the RPL standings, gaining 28 points. The restart of the championship is scheduled for June 21. Red and white in the 23rd round will meet on the road with the Tula Arsenal.

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