Spain – Germany: 'Turbo-Timo', the swift threat to Spain Football News

Werner, Germany's forward, claims to run the 100 meters in 11.1 seconds. The forward arrives on a roll to the friendly match: seven goals in the last five games with Chelsea and the German national team

 Werner, during the match against Ukraine.

Werner, during the match against Ukraine.

The day of his debut with Germany, aged 21 just completed, Timo Werner was given the number 11 of Miroslav Klose the top scorer in the history of the World Cups (16) and the German team (71). Next to that, what will the 60 million that Chelsea paid for him this summer will weigh? What will be worse than the criticism that rained down on him for the failure in the 2018 World Cup. Today, already established, is one of the great threats to the new Germany. Marc in the first leg of Stuttgart, the stadium where he grew up, and comes from making a double against Ukraine to seal the comeback that forces Spain to win this Tuesday.

The number is the only thing that unites him to Klose Because Werner grew up admiring Mario Gmez the man who won the Bundesliga for Stuttgart when he was starting to stand out in the quarry. And the resemblance is not just his thing. He did Julian Nagelsmann his coach last year at RB Leipzig, who wrote down the name of his idol to remind him that Werner is more of a modern striker than a classic striker. It is common to see him as a left winger and, even playing on top, he heel to better attack space.

This is how he can best exploit that speed that earned him the nickname 'Turbo Timo': Werner assures that he arrived to run the 100 meters in 11.1 seconds. As a child, he went out with his father, an amateur footballer, to train in the mountains. From those slopes, these legs, which today lead the attack on this renewed Germany that are now looming Leroy San Serge Gnabry or his partner Kai Havertz .

Failure in the World Cup in Russia

He almost took the same rush to burn out stages, because in 10 years he went from hanging Mario Gmez posters in his room to sharing with him forward in a World Cup . Although the result of that first major tournament he will not forget either: the Mannschaft midway through the generational shift, was eliminated in the group stage for the first time in 80 years and Werner did not score a single goal in the three encounters.

In his first Champions League match away from home, Werner requested the change after 32 minutes of play because the noise from the Besiktas fans was leaving him stunned. The episode was followed by teasing until a doctor diagnosed him with auditory hypersensitivity: a few months earlier, at the Confederations Cup, the Chilean Gonzalo Jara gave him a tremendous elbow in the face and the consequences lasted for months .

If it was altitude sickness (it is true that it still does not perform well in the big events) it did not suffer it last season, when it was one of the keys that led RB Leipzig to the quarterfinals of the Champions. But not because during the hiatus due to the pandemic he closed his signing for Chelsea and did not want to continue playing with his club.

After a slow start to the course, Werner begins to take flight. Between Chelsea and the national team, he has scored seven goals in the last five games. Ukraine lost two and Spain, which already knows what it is to suffer it, is preparing to try to stop 'Turbo Timo'.

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