Source: Wagner Love will not help CSKA this season

According to the Telegram channel of SILA International Lawyers, the RFU prepared amendments to the regulations on the status and transitions of players that will be adopted at the nearest executive committee. The source published a detailed list changes regarding the application of players for RPL and FNL clubs, from which it follows that a football player can be declared only by the following criteria: 1) Under 23 years old from his sports school; 2) A player who re-leases to the same club if his rent expired from May 15 to June 30, 2020; 3) The player who was on loan and ended with an agreement with the main club; 4) The player who was on the other club on loan and who returned to the original club; 5) The player whose past the club did not apply for next season. Thus, Brazilian striker Wagner Love, who is expected to become a player in Moscow CSKA, will not help the team this season.

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