Source: Clubs from Spain, Turkey and альalgiris will vote for the resumption of the Euroleague season

Basketball agent Stanislav Ryzhov spoke about how a vote might arise regarding the resumption of the 2019/20 season in the Euroleague. “Probably, everyone is interested to know how the teams will vote on Monday,” Ryzhov quotes the Perekhvat telegram channel. – Fundamentally I do not communicate with clubs on this topic, this is their personal matter. I’ll try to think logically: if the cities declare that they are ready to accept the rest of the season, probably the teams from these cities advocate to finish the game. So we can only assume on the basis of news that Spanish, Turkish teams and Zalgiris will vote for. In this case, the question will arise. We understand that almost everywhere the leading roles belong to the legionnaires. How to oblige them to return? After reaching an agreement between the Euroleague and ELPA, players will receive 80% of their salary if the season is not finished, 85% if they decide to finish the game. Regardless of how large the contracts are for people, nobody will want to work for two months for the remaining 5% of their salaries. Accordingly, clubs that do not delay payments risk being left without some legionnaires. If someone was delayed, it makes sense to return. As far as I know, there are a lot of such clubs. I will translate into simple language. Players who have guaranteed – without any options – contracts for the next season will be forced to return to the location of their clubs even for these 5%, because their contracts concluded at the pre-crisis rate are very valuable. But I don’t see any way to make those whose contract ends expire. ”The Euroleague regular championship was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic after 28 rounds of 34. Earlier, media reported on the tournament’s leadership plans to play the matches of the 6 remaining rounds with 18 teams in one city and hold the playoffs in the “final eight” format. Three Russian clubs are playing in the Euroleague: CSKA, Khimki and Zenit. Spain is represented in the tournament by 4 teams, and Turkey by two.

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