Soccer | Santi Cazorla: "If it is decided that there is an audience in the stadiums, it must be the same for everyone"

The Asturian midfielder from Villarreal Santi Cazorla has analyzed the return to the league competition in the TVE Newsletter. He has not hesitated to affirm that if at any given time the public is authorized in the stadiums, it must be in all fields equally and added that what is most concerned at the moment is the possibility of injury over the danger to catch it.

"If it is decided that there is an audience in the stadiums, it must be the same in all of them. It is not possible to give priority to some teams yes and others not. The decision made must be for all the teams in the same way and I hope it is so, "he said.

"We know that the return will be unreal and surreal, but we really want to play and compete again," he added.

Regarding the players' concerns, the veteran midfielder acknowledged that he is more concerned with injuries than infections. "What worries the most are injuries. I think we will not have respect for the rival because in the end when you enter to compete you do not think you are going to catch it," he said.

He also commented that he has called his friend Iker Casillas because it was his birthday. "It gives me great joy to know that he is in good health," said the Villarreal player, who indicated that it would be an honor for him if the former Real Madrid goalkeeper became president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. "It is good that he wants to continue doing things and that is a real option," he concluded.

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