So after all, Sheikh Mansour? Football CSKA is looking for a foreign investor

I would like to say good words to the address of the new owners of CSKA. And here's why. After VEB.RF recently acquired a controlling stake in the capital's club, many lamented the increase in the already prohibitive share of the state in Russian football. In fact, only Krasnodar, Spartak, Sochi, Rubin and Akhmat remain private in the RPL. And then the last three teams are very arbitrary, since Boris Rotenberg is directly connected with the Gazprom structures, and the TAIF group and the Akhmat Kadyrov Fund respectively with the budgets of the Republics of Tatarstan and Chechnya. However, the state can participate in The football business is different. Over the weekend, a lot of noise was made by reports that the leaders of the Moscow region rejected the proposals of two (!) Potential investors of the Khimki club at once. But after all, whether Khimki will find funds on the side, their participation in the Premier League-2020/21 depends. Budget funds for licensing the team Sergei Juran is not enough. 350 million rubles are needed, and the region seems to guarantee only 200 so far. And what is it? There is no money for big football in the budget of the Moscow Region. But at the same time, Khimki is prohibited from attracting investments. In fact, the club is treated like Larisa Ogudalova from Ostrovsky’s play “Dowry”: so don’t get to anyone! If, as a result, the red-blacks remain in the FNL or, worse, fall into the PFL, the blame for this will lie with the very leaders who blocked the arrival of the private investor in the club. In the case of VEB.RF and CSKA, as we can see, everything completely different. Firstly, the state corporation initially emphasized that the deal was the technical closure of the huge debt that was formed by Eugene Giner after receiving a loan for the construction of a home stadium. VEB Arena did not pay off properly, the CSKA boss was unable to repay the borrowed funds on time – and the bank simply restructured the debt by acquiring a controlling stake in red and blue. At the same time, Giner was not moved away from the direct control of his football brainchild. Formally, he holds the post of deputy new chairman of the board of directors of CSKA, assistant to the president of the country Maxim Oreshkin but in reality continues to make all key decisions regarding the development of the PFC. So after all, Sheikh Mansour? Football CSKA is looking for a foreign investor 5 Igor Shuvalov and Evgeny Giner. Moreover, from today's statements by the head of VEB.RF Shuvalov it clearly follows that the state corporation is not going to behave in relation to CSKA like Mosoblast – in relation to Khimki. On the one hand, the bank is not ready invest too much in the club, but on the other – he I still want to see CSKA among the leaders of Russian football, and for this (except for bank-independent receipts from the RPL and UEFA) you need to: a) increase the profitability of existing football assets (according to Shuvalov, an agreement has already been reached on placement in the complex “ VEB Arena "offices of the Post of Russia"); b) to attract additional funds from the outside. Moreover, the search for investors, as it turns out, is conducted not only domestically but also abroad. Agree, we see an extremely sober approach that, in fact, distinguished CSKA and to him transition under the wing of the state. But the problem is that after the end of the pandemic, the attractiveness of already unprofitable Russian football for potential investors will fall below the plinth. And it will become almost impossible to find those who want to invest in it abroad. This is if we consider companies that would like to earn money on acquiring club shares. However, strangely enough, there are also those investors who are concerned about the issue of profit (at least in the short or medium term) insofar as. For example, the football empire City Football Group (CFG) buys football clubs around the world primarily to promote its main brand – Man City. Sheikh Mansour from the UAE, a holding company from the UAE, is not at all embarrassed by the losses of individual "branches" if they work to increase total income. And it must be said that it grows every year. So after all, Sheikh Mansour? Football CSKA is looking for a foreign investor 6 Sheikh Mansur and Josep Guardiola (right) at Man City training. Recently, CFG accepted the next , ninth member: in Belgium, the Lommel second division team was acquired. And even before that, information had appeared about Sheikh Mansour’s serious interest in buying shares … of one of the Russian clubs. Which one was not reported. But sources claimed that the interest had spilled over to the beginning of substantive negotiations interrupted in February by the coronavirus pandemic. Since then, the owner of Man City has hardly grown to Russia since then, so why not Mansur become the same foreign investor of CSKA Shuvalov talked about? In one of the previous materials, Sovetsky Sport made the assumption that the Middle Eastern prince in RPL “Krasnodar” and “Spartak” might have liked it. But the army men fit in the same line. Especially if you recall the main symbol of the army club – the horse. Sheikh Mansur, like any Arab, loves horses. Before football, his main sports love was horse racing.

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