Six years of glory, with g de Gallardo

Six years of glory, with g de Gallardo 5

Everything was new in River for the year 2014 . The brand new leadership headed by Rodolfo D'Onofrio juggled to accommodate finances, while the team achieved the local title from the hand of Ramón Díaz . Everything was accommodating until Riojano, and the most winner in history (until then), left the technical direction. Bombshell.

Hit the lap you sign with River

Neither slow nor lazy, Francescoli made the most important call of his life as Manager: “Marcelo, where are you? Hit the return you sign with River. "That was how the greatest act of injustice in history was prevented. Gallardo was on his way to Rosario where Newell’s was waiting for him to have his first experience as a coach.
So it was that on Friday June 6, 2014 a long-haired Gallardo signed as DT for River . "I will try to represent the history of River in the best possible way. I think I was born for this and I do not want to waste it," predicted the Doll almost as if he had the DeLorean of Back to the Future, knowing what the next years would hold for him. The rest is known history .
The idea is not to fall into the silly comparison between Gallardo and Ramón Díaz (I do not include Labruna, because he does not deserve to be in an argument. Labruna is River and River is Labruna. It changed everything). Both are and will be enormous for history. Gallardo returned River to the national and above all international planes . It gave him back mysticism, gave him strength, made him a cupbearer, in short, gave him back history and overcame the past . But El Muñeco broke the simple barriers of winning or not titles. His figure does not remain in the mere competition . He is a formator educator architect guide figure paternal moments president . Yes, President, whoever gets angry gets mad. He has the reins of the lower ones, he ordered the remodeling of the Ezeiza and Hurlingham properties. He jailed, empowered and exploited different footballers and even met with President Aníbal Fernández, being the second person to do so after AFA President Claudio Tapia. One day he will no longer direct River, but his structural footprint will remain forever .
Is it necessary to remember that he invested paternity before Boca? Yes, it is necessary. Because each structure has its foundational and fundamental stone, and the history of Gallardo in River begins to take shape from that “Barovero, Barovero, Baroveroooo” and the subsequent “Pisculichiiiii… goooollll”. Without that classification, there would possibly be no team or memory to remember Neither winning mentality against Boca and much less new infrastructure It is all a snowball.
Today we can enjoy one of the most fabulous you are in the history of Argentine soccer. We are contemporaries with the most influential character in soccer today. Marcelo Gallardo is the best coach in the history of River . That story that started 6 years ago and hopefully will extend many more.

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