"Sin to complain." Kvartalnov told about his life in isolation

Ak Bars head coach Dmitry Kvartalnov told the KHL press service how he spends time while in quarantine. “I would not say that it’s hard for me. It’s not easy, but it’s a sin to complain. I’m not in the apartment now, but in a country house. In my basement there is a small gym with a treadmill, exercise bike and barbell. We spend a lot of time there with our youngest son. In addition, my work did not stop, we are constantly in touch with the managers of the club. I work out in the gym almost every day. Energy needs to be spent somewhere. Jogging or jumping rope near the house is a great thing! I began to read a lot more books and watch a lot of films about the war. Both old paintings and new ones – I really like this genre. Especially for the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory is relevant, ”said the specialist. "I bet Plushenko will ruin the girl 100%." People cry over Trusova’s departure from Tutberidze Judging by the reaction on Tutberidze’s Instagram, most Russians negatively perceived Trusova’s transition to Plushenko’s academy. 05/06/2020 20:30 Figure skating Sergeyev Ivan The rich do not want to help the poor? Why in tennis they cannot raise money for the Soviet Sport players – about the plans of Djokovic, Federer, Nadal to help low-ranking tennis players. And why so many people don’t like their project. 05/09/2020 14:00 Tennis Nikolay Mysin At the forefront – Kazan. Rating of triples in the Russian championships In the NHL from nothing to do represent the best links in clubs. "Soviet Sport" offers the top 10 triples of attack in the championships of Russia. 05/10/2020 20:00 Hockey Domrachev Vladislav IIHF was disgraced for nowhere: cynically humiliated Lemieux and Kharlamova – the Sovetskiy Sport observer, Vitaliy Slavin, also distorted his story . 05/10/2020 22:30 Hockey Slavin Vitaliy Plushenko goes all-in. Why is he risking more than Trusov? We continue the theme of the transition of the “queen of fours” Alexandra Trusova from Eteri Tutberidze to the new coach Evgeni Plushenko. 05/10/2020 18:00 Figure skating Tigay Lev No one has beaten Ferguson yet. Gatji destroyed El Kukuy and is ready to break Khabib (video) The long-awaited UFC 249 mixed martial arts tournament still took place. It was held in Jacksonville (Florida, USA) without spectators due to the coronavirus pandemic. 05/10/2020 08:50 MMA Sergey Vashchenko The records of Bjoerndalen and Fourcade are not eternal at all. Beh will beat many of them soon. After Martin Fourcade finished his career this spring, Johannes Beh lost his main rival. Can he surpass the achievements of the Frenchman and Bjoerndalen? 05/03/2020 00:00 Biathlon Tigay Lev The RPL restart will be announced on May 15, La Liga and the Premier League are scheduled for June 12, the skater again left Tutberidze under the heading “While you slept” – about the most interesting thing in the world of sports since last night. 05/11/2020 08:11 Football Kuznetsov Dmitry “Eternal” Polkhovsky. He coached Drachev with Chepikov in the last century. On Monday, the board of the Russian Biathlon Union approved a new coaching staff for the national team led by Valery Polkhovsky. 04/21/2020 15:00 Biathlon Tigay Lev Alexander Privalov: Do not impose compromises on Polkhovsky Patriarch of domestic biathlon Alexander Privalov on the new coaching staff of the national team. 04/22/2020 15:30 Biathlon Oleg Chikiris

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