Simeone, the last survivor



The packed Anfield without masks leaves images for Atlético's memory from feeling and emotion. Morata, kneeling and asking for forgiveness, is supposed to be for his Real Madrid past, or for the missed goals perhaps, after scoring the goal of the sentence. Marcos Llorente's explosive gestures in celebrations. The excited words of Joao Félix, a teenager who was thrilled with these games on television. And the race of Simeone by the band towards the corner of the mattress bottom, full of energy. It was the postcard of a survivor of his own work, Cholismo.

Liverpool may have been last year's repeat of Turin, without exaggeration. Beyond Atlético's combative attitude, the result at that time ( 3-0, three goals from Cristiano ) could have been the same or worse at Anfield because this and that was a siege.

Almost worse than Liverpool in terms of statistics and presence, beyond the tale of ball possession. Juventus then kicked Oblak's door 15 times, seven deflected and four between the three poles. He threw five corners, secured 484 passes and enjoyed the ball 61 percent of the game. Liverpool almost doubles all that data . He shot 35 times against the Slovenian goalkeeper, fifteen went outside, twelve traveled between the sticks and eight were blocked by the defenders. He sent 16 shots from the corner, secured an overwhelming record of 745 passes and had the ball in possession by 64 percent. Figures that confirm the trajectory of the match: a flurry of the English team against the best goalkeeper in the world.

Oblak was named best player of the match, who else? Simeone brought him up to Messi when it comes to deciding results. The technician does not exaggerate. The Slovenian is the most highly valued footballer in the workforce, around ten million net per year although his termination clause is still not prohibitive for a market without regard, 120 million.

The error of Adrián San Miguel led to a red-white extension. Three goals in the face of the rival's decision that turned everything upside down. Atlético ended Liverpool's streak of 42 games in a row without losing at home. And 25 European duels without defeat at Anfield. The bad loss of Jurgen Klopp, recognized by himself, remained for the memory. "I get very angry when I lose." And he added: « I do not understand why Atlético, with the quality that some players have, such as Koke or Saúl, plays soccer in this way. He could play good football, but he prefers to stay behind and counterattack. ”

Simeone spoke months ago of the transition season in order for the new players on the squad who replaced his personal guard, Godín, Juanfran, Filipe, Griezmann and before, Gabi or Raúl García. Only five footballers from the current squad had previously performed at Anfield: Diego Costa, Morata, Felipe, Savic and Trippier . The rest, like Simeone himself, debuted.

The triumph represents something like the first feat of the new wave, by Llorente, Joao Félix, Felipe or Lodi. The continuation of cholismo. In an impasse, dying, Atlético emerges from no one knows where.

In particular Llorente stood out with his two goals. He did it the way Cholo expected, who swallowed the enormous anger of his favorite Diego Costa when he was replaced. The Brazilian coughed up the press in the mixed zone, a stupid joke. For Simeone, Llorente is the best long distance scorer in the squad. «You would have to see how he hits her in training …». The ex-madridista contributed lungs, speed and goal after many months in ostracism, to which he responded without question. "Llorente was going to be a defensive change, but it was not," Simeone recalled.

The English press is baiting on the Spanish goalkeeper for Liverpool. "Oh Adrian," the Mirror titled because of the goalkeeper's mistake on Llorente's first goal. " A song by Adrián advances Atlético", he emphasizes. "Atlético punishes the errors of Adrián", headlines the Telegraph, which like most newspapers talk about the triumph of defensive football for the rojiblancos.

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