Series A: Lukaku: "I swear that 23 of the 25 Inter players were already ill in January" | Series A 2019

The Belgian striker has confessed that the squad of the Italian team had symptoms of the coronavirus after Christmas. "Skriniar almost passed out"

Series A: Lukaku: "I swear that 23 of the 25 Inter players were already ill in January" | Series A 2019 5

Romelu Lukak Most of the Inter squad had symptoms of coronavirus after the Christmas holidays and that everyone "coughed and had a fever", and has confessed that even Slovak central Milan Skriniar almost passed out in a Serie A match against Cagliari on January 26.

"We had a week off in December. We came back and I swear that 23 of the 25 players were sick, not a joke. We played at home against Cagliari and after 25 minutes Skriniar had to leave the field . He couldn't continue and he almost passed out, "he revealed in a live on Instagram with Belgian presenter Kat Kerkhofs, wife of Npoles player Dries Mertens.

The Belgian striker is convinced that they passed COVID-19. " Everyone coughed and had a fever . I was also ill; when I had a fever, I had much more than usual. I have not had a fever in years. After the game there was another dinner with Puma's guests, but they I thanked them and went straight to bed. We were never tested for the coronavirus at the time, so we will never know for sure, "he said.

In addition, Lukaku related what those first weeks of uncertainty were like in the transalpine country before the mandatory confinement was decreed. "He went back to Italy. We were allowed to go home for a while, but we were quickly called again. My teammate Diego Godn for example, had to take three flights to get to Uruguay. After A few days, he had to come back. In our group chat with the team, we all fear the two-week quarantine, "he said.

Finally, the Belgian international continued to discuss his main concerns. " My mother has diabetes this is my biggest concern. She is my best friend, I call her every four hours to see if she needs anything. And of course I miss my son Romeo more. The plan was to bring my mother and son to Italy during the coronavirus epidemic. I have two apartments here, but obviously now is not the time for them to come, "he concluded.

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