Sergio Ramos boasts of the Spanish flag even in the drink



The love that Sergio Ramos feels for the Spanish flag is well known. The captain of the national team and Real Madrid does not miss an opportunity to pose or wear the national ensign as soon as he can.

He has wrapped himself in it every time he has won a title, and even in 2017 he approached the neighborhood of Valdebebas to pose in front of the 731 square meter national flag placed by a businessman on the facade of a building in response to the independence challenge in Catalonia .

Now that the flag is again generating controversy among politicians, Ramos has posed with her again in a photo, but in a more curious way.

After completing a training, the central uploaded an image in which he refreshed himself with a drink made up of the red and gualda colors of the flag.

"Training completed, it's time to recover", Ramos wrote accompanying the image, and also including the emojis of a drop d e agua and the Spanish flag itself.

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