Sergey Juran: Spartak’s leadership should try to challenge the decision of the RFU

Khimki head coach Sergei Yuran, who had previously played for the red and white ones, commented on the decision of the RFU Executive Committee to hold the Zenit – Spartak Cup of Russia semifinal in St. Petersburg. “In my opinion, the rules must be corrected after the end of the tournament,” Juran said in an interview with RT. – It’s a little incomprehensible how to do this on the eve of the semi-finals. Why are you now preoccupied with this problem? I think the leadership of Spartak should somehow react and try to challenge the decision of the RFU. If I were the club leader, I would have a desire to ask the question: “Why is this done before the semi-finals?” After all, “Spartak” has a chance to get into European competition. Fedun's words? This is his opinion. If he expresses it, it probably has some ground under him. At the same time, I don’t think that the decision to hold a match in St. Petersburg will fundamentally affect the result. Still, the stadium will not be 100% full and the atmosphere will be a bit different. It will look more like a control meeting. I think there will not be a favorite in this confrontation. ”The semifinal of the Russian Cup“ Zenit ”-“ Spartak ”should be held in St. Petersburg on July 19. The second ticket to the finals will be challenged by Khimki Juran and the winner of the Shinnik match Ural.

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