Sergei Sobyanin: From June 1, we open stadiums and other sports facilities for training

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin on his official website addressed residents of the capital, reporting on the relaxation of quarantine measures since June 1. Among other things, stadiums and other sports facilities will open next Monday. Here is what was said in the appeal of Sobyanin: “The Executive Committee of the Russian Football Union plans to resume the RPL championship from June 21. Other sports federations announced similar plans for the gradual resumption of national and international championships. So that athletes can begin preparing for competitions, from June 1, we will open stadiums and other sports facilities for training members of the national teams of Moscow and Russia, as well as players in professional sports clubs. until spectators and guests can attend the trainings. Only athletes, coaches, doctors and other necessary personnel. It is too early to completely cancel the self-isolation regime, but the time has come when we can afford to regularly go out in the fresh air. From Monday, residents, including older people over 65 and citizens with chronic diseases, can leave their homes for walks and sports. With the exception of Zaryadye, city parks and green areas will be re-opened for free access. Of course, the increase in the number of people on the streets and in parks increases the risk of coronavirus infection. To prevent this, the mask regime will be strengthened and certain rules for taking walks will be established. At the same time, attractions in the parks will not work. Children’s and sports grounds also remain closed for now. ”Recall that the restart of the Russian football championship is scheduled for June 21.

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