Sergei Ovchinnikov: Refused Spartak several times and got a car and three apartments for it

In an interview with the Sychev podcast and Denis Kazansky YouTube channel, CSKA Moscow coach Sergei Ovchinnikov, who defended Lokomotiv and Dynamo gates in the past, told about the benefits he received by refusing to join Spartak several times: “There was such a doctor, Vasilkov, he was working at Spartak back then. I go out of the base gate in Bakovka, look – he is sitting. I say, “Oh, hello.” He replies: “Hello. Get in the car, they want to talk to you. " I ask: "Who?" He: "Starostin." I say: "I do not know such." Well, Spartak, after all. But I am a Dynamo pupil, this is impossible. “Not,” I say, “go from here.” He handed back and left. Then in 1991, when Stas Cherchesov was about to leave, they wanted to take me a second time. I simply refused, did not go to the meeting. He said that it would be wrong, because Dynamo, then yes. Already correctly refused. And this question has been closed. But every time I refused Spartak, I went to Yuri Palych and said: “They are pressing. Something needs to be given to me. ” And he always gave me something: a car, an apartment. And once I just got divorced again, and I needed an apartment. I just went and thought that Spartak was calling me again. He is like: “Yes e-mine! Well, you have one more. ” In general, this is how I got three apartments. ”Ovchinnikov played for Lokomotiv from 1991 to 1997, as well as from 2002 to 2005. On his account 18 matches in the championship of the USSR in the composition of the railway, as well as 277 games in the championship of Russia. He completed his professional career in 2006, having played 13 matches in the RPL for the Moscow Dynamo. As part of Lokomotiv, Sergey twice became the champion of Russia in 2002 and 2004. She has been working at the CSKA coaching staff since 2014.

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