Semin or Nikolic: so who trusts the young more?

Semin or Nikolic: so who trusts the young more? 5
Recall, on June 22, Loko CEO Vasily Kiknadze first commented on the replacement of 73-year-old Semin with 40-year-old Serb Nikolic . One of the reasons for breaking up with the Russian specialist was called his inability / unwillingness to work with young football players. According to the general, after Semin’s departure, the club intends to drastically change the vector of development: now they will bet on Russian youth, and they will buy players who can be “brought to mind by 25 years.” This is the cut-off – at 25, we chose to compare how the RPL top clubs used human resources in the 2019/20 season. And Semin’s immediate reaction to Kiknadze’s interview prompted us to do this mini-research: Yuri Palych uttered the phrase that “he had the most young players in the league.” Of course, we did not comb the entire league. Still, Lokomotiv intends to continue to claim high places even with the new vector, and therefore it must be compared with other flagships of our football. We also did not take into account young foreigners in the calculations. Otherwise, we would have to write in the category of “promising” long-established Serdar Azmun or Malcolm which definitely do not fit into the concept of future Loko purchases. No, we took exclusively Russian football players no older than 25 years old. And here is the picture that came out. Lokomotiv (13 players who at least once entered the field) Age Minutes Barinov232160Al. Miranchuk242002Zhemeletdinov231718An. Miranchuk24928Zhivoglyadov25896Magkeev21352Kulikov23279Tugarev21252Rybchinskiy21103Dorofeev2230Lysov2227Titkov1910Suleymanov205 Total 8762 "Spartacus" (13 players) Age Minutes Maksimenko222460Z. Bakayev232227Tales 221228Guliyev23999Umyarov19819Sobolev23270Tashaev2593Gaponov 2290Maslov2090Lomovitsky2261Melkadze2348С. Bakaev2059Ignatev2025 Total 8469 CSKA (11 players) Age Minutes Chalov222470Diveev202460Oblyakov212443Ahmetov221951Kuchaev221666Karpov171342Pomazun23270Tiknizyan2191Eleev1990Efremov2528Maradishvili202 Total 12813 "Krasnodar" (8 players) Age Minutes Safonov212430Suleymanov201917Ignatev21749Utkin20734Skopintsev23357Sorokin24185Chernikov20125Onugkha2310Sergeev202 Total 6509 Dynamo (8 players) Age Minutes Morozov251065 Evgeniev21841 Leshchuk2 4617Sheydaev24592Grulev21325Skopintsev23270Komlichenko24214Kalinin2490 Total 4014 "Zenith" (7 players) Age Minutes Karavaev251707Vasyutin2590Musaev2183Prohin1817Shamkin1717Vorobev209Ivanov232 Total 1925 Rostov (5 players) Age Minutes Glebov20829Vedernikov18182Saplinov22599Zuev23184 Debt21145 [445][194531945319453194519451945194519451945194519451945194519451945194519451945194519451945194519451945194519451945194519451945194519451945194519451945194519451945194519451945194519451945194519451945194519451945194519451945itcanbeseenthatbythenumberofRussianplayersusedintheseasontheSeminteam(13)sharesthefirstplacewithSpartakButaspartoftheredandwhitesuchplayersreceivedlessminutesAtthesametimeonly Alexander Maksimenko and Zelimkhan Bakaev fully entered the main cage, while Loko Alexey and Anton Miranchuki, Dmitry Barinov and Rifat Zhemeletdino c. According to the total time for Young Russians were beaten by the team of Semin CSKA, which distributed among 12 players 12 813 minutes. And only the red and blue ones can truly be praised for the job ahead. In all other clubs – even Krasnodar, with its seemingly over-productive academy – the lag behind Semoko Loko’s indicators is significant. And the most “catastrophic” situation, if you look at life through the eyes of Kiknadze, is the situation at “Zenith”: of the Russians “under 25”, only Vyacheslav Karavaev who bought in Holland plays relatively much. Well, what about Nikolic, who , according to the Loco general, has he established himself as a specialist who can take young people to a new level? Here is how the time was distributed between the players “under 25” (without legionnaires) in Partizan-2014/15 and 2016/17 and Fehervare -2017/18. We note that Nikolic made the last two teams champions of Serbia and Hungary, respectively. Partizan -2014/15 Age Minutes A. Zhivkovich (Benfica) 172550 Shkuletich 242317 Hrbich 252268 Petrovich221946Chirkovich211822Zh. Zhivkovich251620Ninkovich191976Brasanats (Osasuna) 221927Markovich231848Shaponich (Atlético) 16776Pantich (Chelsea) 17714Koich24656Stevanovich18440Marinkovich25225Traykovich24221Lukich (Torino) 17171Gulan25120Ostoich2299Kukol1515Petrovich208 Total 21719 "Partizan" -2016/17 Age Minutes Milenkovich (Fiorentina) 183630 Miletich243177 Kralich252700 Dzhurdzhevich222837 Yankovich202538 Yevtovich 222276 Kosovich211521 Mikhailovich201494A. Stevanovich 251081N. Stevanovic24630Bogosavac19570Radin25453Brasanac (Osasuna) 24450Dzhurichkovich25450Vlahovich (Fiorentina) 16180Chirkovich2390Yovanovchi1731 [1945[1945[19459004194][1945 194 19459004 197 194590045 197 194590045 194 1945 19459004 197 1945 9004 197 1945 9004 194 1945 1945 900 417 1945 1945 9004 197 1945 9004 194 1945 1945 9004 197 1945 9004 194 1945 1945 9004 194 1945 9004 194 1945 1945 9004 194 1945 945 194 194 194 900 414 194 1945 900 417 194 1945 900 419 ] Kovacs25941Gereshi23877Solnok25853Tamash22476Tot19374Ben. Sabo19319Mosi17270Bolla17129Reti1890Ball. Sabo1617Harsfalvi209Total4355The most important information in these lists is contained in brackets opposite the names of some football players. These are the clubs of the European top championships, in which promising players switched after working with Nikolic. However, big names do not always reflect the essence. So, Danilo Pantich only formally represents Chelsea, and Ivan Shaponich – Atletico. But the real successes of Nikolic include the preparation of Andria Zhivkovich for Benfica, Dusan Vlahovich and Nikola Milenkovich for Fiorentina, Sasha Lukich for Torino. It only bothers me that in the last club for itself – “Fehervare” – the new head coach of “Loco” just did not remember much confidence in the youth for two and a half seasons. Adjusted for Hungary, the composition was formed on the principles of "Zenith". And none of the champion Fehervar’s champions (including the legionnaires) have left for greater Europe. Now imagine if Loko would profitably sell the Miranchuk or Barinov brothers, who, whatever one may say, brought Semin to a new level … And imagine that the first purchase Nikolic really, as the media write, will become the 31-year-old vice world champion of 2018 Milan Badel . Or, say, the 29-year-old Alexander Kokorin if he does not agree on a new contract with Zenit. Well, and what kind of new vector will this be?

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