«Second driver at Ferrari? If I get into a car it is to win »



Carlos Sainz does not see himself as the second Ferrari driver, despite the general consideration that his signing as number two has awakened with Charles Leclerc. Second pilot? Ferrari signs me for my results and for how things have been done, for what I am capable of doing. They will have signed me for this, the rest of generating a good atmosphere comes with me, but I do get into a car it is to win, "he declared on Radio Nacional de España.

The current McLaren driver believes that" the Formula 1 has found a consistent and realistic solution. Many like me need to compete. "

" Formula 1 has found a coherent solution a solution that seems to me both optimistic and realistic; And I think that these first eight races in Europe, if we continue doing things well; maintaining levels of awareness and security, to avoid the virus as much as possible and try to protect ourselves, they will be carried out without any problem, "said the Madrid rider.

" If the World Cup is shorter, it will each race counts more. Each point will be important. It will take priority to make as few errors as possible, "he said.

" The budget limit is good or to match the competition, it was necessary due to the incredible costs, although driven by the coronavirus. It will be good for all of us, "he said of the agreement reached last week.

" I'm already in London, but I'm not going to step on the factory to avoid infect us . I am with my coach, and someday I will go to the simulator if needed, "explained the Spanish. “Those are very beautiful years that I live in McLaren, I have made friends, there is a family spirit that I had not seen in F1.”

On his transfer to Ferrari, he stated: “ It is a team historical, all the pilots want to go through Ferrari one day . He is dominating F1 and Mercedes with Red Bull. I want to be a champion and at Ferrari you buy ballots for that ». He added: «The moment does not matter, It is always a good time to go to Ferrari. Perhaps in the regulation change they do not have so much advantage, we will see. "

About his partner:" I have always had a good relationship, good vibes, with Charles Leclerc . We will work well together. There has been a generational change, and there are almost no veterans except Hamilton, Vettel and Alonso, if he returns. It is normal for them to be young couples. Norris, Verstappen, I myself have shown that we can have a good impact on sport. People who succeed are getting younger and younger. "

" I didn't make any life plans. I take each race as if it were my last day. I have struggled for ten years to reach F1, it is my passion. I want to be world champion and I hope I have a chance to fight it. ”

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