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Soccer physicians have been in a constant state of alarm since February. Without a rest. Not even a free day, says Juan Manuel Blanco that of Fuenlabrada Second Division club. Like some of his colleagues, he has been divided between the work in the hospital and the management of a group of players confined at home and with many doubts. Tension in the consultation, hope in the video calls to the team and great care at home so as not to infect the family. It is exhausting to hear a day of these professionals, who have alternated for weeks the bubble of the ball – of young, strong and rich boys – with the chaos of consultations, ugly coughs, terror, the cascade of deaths and personal risk in each He passed.

Now comes the return of the League and smiles at the summer, everyone wanting to leave behind the worst nightmare ever lived. But even today, and despite having read and heard so many health complaints since February, some testimonies of the direct protagonists of the pandemic still impact. Here are a couple of crude examples, in the mouth of Dr. Blanco:

My first EPI suit in the hospital was one of the raincoats that gave up Real Madrid .

No I was tested for the coronavirus until the beginning of May.

Both revelations shake and define the painful situation they have suffered in the first line of defense against the disease. A doctor, traumatologist in this case, who took care of infected injuries (they also break bones in falls or trips), had to protect himself for many days with a simple plastic rain cap donated by the white club, the same ones that are delivered to the few fans of Santiago Bernabu who still have uncovered seats.

And this same doctor, like most of his colleagues, for weeks treated infected patients, operated by consultations and moved through the corridors of a hospital (the San Rafael in Madrid), converted to Covid without being subjected to a test. The direction of the center, not the Ministry of Health or the Regional Councilor, was the one that finally took charge of the RCPs.

From Cuba to Fuenlabrada

They sent us to war without a rifle, Blanco denounces, taking advantage of the biblical dialectic that the government account has squeezed so much. What LaLiga has done, tested everyone, is what administrations should have done long before. I do not understand that football, LaLiga was criticized for fulfilling its obligation and taking care of its employees, footballers and all those who work with them in clubs, he reflects. Fortunately, the virus has loosened now. It has less contagion capacity. Masks help. Nor is it understood that they were not imposed from the beginning.

But this Cuban doctor, with a thin accent and settled in Spain for more than 20 years, tries to drown his anger with positive messages, as he did every time he connected to the computer to chat with the Fuenlabrada staff. The coach, Jos Ramn Sandoval wanted him on the air to cheer on the troop and he also had to answer questions. Between patient and patient or in the rest room of the operating room the connections of the team entered. It looked good to me, it was quite a relief …, he recognizes from those frantic days of March and April, when they confirmed that the hard flu that they had begun to detect in some patients in February was the runaway epidemic.

Since I saw what was happening in Italy, I was aware of the situation. Live the influenza A epidemic [2009]its way of spreading, that butterfly effect. And I prepared the team to take action. At the beginning of March we traveled to play in Huesca and we already kept distances and carried gels. We also recommend supplementation of some vitamins in the diet that can help immunization. With what little we knew, we tried to protect ourselves. It is seen coming, explains the doctor from Fuenlabrada, who also suffered – like most – his panic spikes.

Fear of contagion

Many times I thought I had been infected. Guard room in hospital and I was sitting with a headache. One morning, at home already, I got to set the temperature every 20 minutes, he says. I became obsessed with washing my hands, they have skinned me. There were times when the light was not seen, but there was no time for depression, reviews Blanco, who also holds the position of secretary in the Spanish society of sports raumatology .

 Dr. Blanco, in full operation at the San Rafael hospital. "Src =" assets / multimedia / images / 2020/06/07 / 15915468914555.jpg "/> </source> </source> </picture> </div><figcaption class= Dr. Blanco, in the middle of the job at the San Rafael hospital.

After two years with Fuenlabrada, he describes the locker room as strong and spirited.They have come out of the confinement with good legs to face the 11 outstanding League matches. More modest of Second, it had to adapt itself at full speed and with its means to the demanding sanitary framework imposed on football. We spent sleepless nights to adapt the facilities. Technical rpo has had to invent a new methodology when training. Now we are all coupled to the system.

In his opinion, thanks to the protocol and the fall of the virus at this time, the championship may be over. Surely there will be some contagion, but it won't be March. That is, an infected person does not infect as many as before or with as much virulence. And it will be possible to continue with the games, optimistic bet.

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