Second Division: Las Palmas finds a crack to ask for the return of its public and commits the Government and the League | LaLiga SmartBank 2019

Ramrez, the president, argues that the powers pass to the autonomous communities in Phase 3, by virtue of the pacts with the nationalists to carry out the new state of alarm / Present the petition to the Autonomous Government, which has already contacted

 Players of the Atalanta in Mestalla.

Atalanta players in Mestalla.

Miguel ngel Ramrez takes an unexpected step , by proposing that the public can access the Gran Canaria Stadium on the return of their team to the Second Division competition, on June 13 against Girona, based on the new legal scenario resulting from the pacts with the nationalists carried out by Pedro Snchez to carry out the new state of alarm. One of them indicates that it will be the autonomous communities that assume the powers in Phase 3 of the de-escalation and that, in addition, they will have the capacity to suppress or modify some measures. The Canary Islands enter Phase 3 on Monday, so Ramrez, after the consultations made, considers that he will receive authorization from the autonomous health authority for a small number of fans to enter.

If the Canary Islands passes to Phase 3 on Monday, which is going to happen, the competition in health matters is exclusively of the autonomous government and the latter accepts that fans enter my stadium up to a percentage that is still to be determined, and there nobody has more to say, not even the League, Nor does anyone, Ramrez assures EL MUNDO after revealing his contacts with the autonomous government and the Cabildo in UDRadio.

The rule that forces parties behind closed doors has not changed with respect to that established in article 41.2 of the Order 414/2020, of May 16, published in the BOE and by which measures of flexibility in the state of alarm were dictated in Phase 2. This, therefore, would close the option to the quotas of spectators for other types of acts public. However, the recent agreement with the PNV and ERC to carry out the latest state of alarm offers autonomous communities the ability to modulate or suppress measures, a legal loophole that opens options, albeit remote ones, to Las Palmas and, above all, poses a problem as other territories with League teams reach Phase 3 or the new normal, before the end of the competition.

I have consulted with the Home Government and the League, which will help me to do the protocol. Present it to the autonomous health authority. Give me the new approval or put me a qualm. If so, correct it, continues the president of Las Palmas. The League did not want, yesterday, to rule on the position of one of the clubs that comprise it, while the Higher Sports Council (CSD) referred to the criterion that all matches are behind closed doors and, from there, to the own prudence of the autonomous communities.

Ramrez insists that the League cannot prohibit the entry of the public for health reasons, since it lacks competences. If he decided to do it by another criterion, such as unifying the entire competition, the leader would demand compensation: If he determines that everyone play behind closed doors for other reasons apart from the sanitary, very well, that he would give me the money to return it to subscribers.

The fact that inequality was generated in the competition because some teams could play with the public and others without the attendance of spectators is not a valid argument for the president of Las Palmas. Equality? What are we talking about? What budget does Madrid have and which do many of the teams have in Primera ?. I have to go every 15 days to the peninsula, a trip of two and a half hours plus the transfer to the city where we play. Does that not put us in an inferior position? If there is uneven competition, it is the Football League, concludes Ramrez, a bold decision maker, as he has already shown in the past. Among the organizations he has addressed is not the CSD, although his idea has left the ball on the roof of the Government. The Royal Decree that must regulate the sixth state of alarm is one of its strengths to close a crack.

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