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12:23 pm

About five and a half million euros was obtained by River when he sold Maximiliano López to Barcelona in January 2005 . It happened almost eight months after his great performance to beat Boca 1-0 as a visitor, in a game that was remembered for having driven Rolando Schiavi, the most outstanding central marker of the eternal rival, crazy.

"After that game I went to Europe. Skinny Schiavi said that he sold me to Barcelona" López joked, in dialogue with 90 Minutes, on Fox Sports. After replacing the Chilean Marcelo Salas with just seven minutes remaining in the first half, the current Crotone attacker (Italy) had a very unbalanced task and was a figure on May 16, 2004.

Despite the hostility of the Boca defender, López caused danger again and again, to the point of intervening in the play that caused the corner kick for Marcelo Gallardo to send the center headed by Claudio Husain and defined by Fernando Cavenaghi. "In that game he kicked me and in the Copa (Libertadores) as well" the 36-year-old pointed out.

Beyond having shone in the Bombonera, Maxi was not only transferred to Spain that afternoon. "When I arrived in Barcelona they gave me a huge folder and I realized that they had been following me since I was 10. Who were my friends, where was I going, all my history" revealed the man who emerged from the Lower Divisions of the Núñez club.

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