Schedule of return of sport-2. July: Formula 1, NBA, Emelianenko vs. Ismailov

The previous article listed sports events in June that deserve your attention. And next month they will continue: there will be chess, and tennis (as before, unofficial), and, of course, football championships, including the Russian one. Plus fights of boxers and mixed martial artists, and not only in Las Vegas, but also here. In particular, on July 24, a battle is planned in Moscow between Alexander Emelyanenko and Magomed Ismailov . However, MMA and football returned to us a long time ago, back in May. I suggest focusing on those sports and tournaments that aren't there right now and that will come to life in July after a quarantine pause. FORMULA 1: LESS THAN FOUR WEEKS BEFORE THE FIRST RACE The auto racing queen, whose start stage was canceled at the last moment in mid-March, restarts the 2020 championship on the first weekend of July and not in Australia, but in Austria. So far, the season calendar has been approved only for the first two months. Their “Formula 1" will fully hold on the European continent. Schedule the first eight races of the 2020 season on July 5. 1st stage. Spielberg (Austria) July 12. 2nd stage. Spielberg (Austria) July 19. 3rd stage. Budapest (Hungary) August 2. 4th stage. Silverstone (Great Britain) on August 9. 5th stage. Silverstone (Great Britain) on August 16. 6th stage. Barcelona (Spain) on August 30. 7th stage. Spa (Belgium) September 6th. 8th stage. Monza (Italy) A further schedule is under development. In total, the organizers expect to hold from 15 to 18 stages and end the season in December. According to preliminary information, the Russian Grand Prix will be held on September 27, as it was originally planned. Perhaps this will be the first race of the year, where spectators will be allowed into the stands. In addition, they are discussing the option of conducting two stages in a row in Sochi, as in the summer in Spilberg and Silverstone. Our side does not mind: if you want two, we will do two. For such dual Grand Prix FIA proposed to change the rules: in the second weekend to qualify in the format of “race with a return start”, where the leaders of the championship go to the track last – they say, this will add unpredictability and intrigue. Most teams supported the new product, but Mercedes blocked it during the vote, and the experiment had to be abandoned. With the return of Formula 1, Russians after a long break will again have the opportunity to cheer on a compatriot in elite international competitions on live TV. Enough for Internet chess players to puff out all over the country – in July the pilot of Alfa-Tauri Daniil Kvyat takes the post of athlete No. 1! Plus Robert Schwartzman Nikita Mazepin and our other racers "F-2" and "F-3" – the stages of the "junior" series will be held on the same calendar, in parallel with the main " formula. " BIATHLON: “SHAPITO” OPENS THE SEASON There is one sport in Russia where the busy life does not stop even for one day. Neither coronavirus nor summer snowless can stop the biathlon soap opera. The premiere of the next series – or even a whole season, as you know, is scheduled for July 11, when the report-and-election conference of the RRF will be held. An advertising campaign for the upcoming show is already in full swing: Vladimir Drachev sends out letters across the country calling for a boycott of the conference, and the "rebels" who organized it bombard the regions with their papers, where they paint the deeds of the president of the federation in paints. Their last “work” even surfaced on the official website of the RRF, but soon in a mysterious way (apparently by a cry from somewhere above) it disappeared from there. If the rioters still manage to blame Drachev, then instead of him the Russian biathlon, it seems, will be headed by Victor Maigurov . Although in this “big top” it is never possible to predict anything with confidence, it will become with them. All that remains for you and me is to stock up on popcorn. BASKETBALL: A NEW ATTRACTION IN DISNEY PARK Finally, the championship of the strongest basketball league in the world resumes on the last day of July. Of the 30 NBA clubs, 22 will take part at the end of the season: those 16 that were in the playoff zone at the time the tournament stopped, and six more, six wins or fewer behind the eighth place in their conferences. Position in the NBA regular season East 1. Milwaukee – 53 wins-12 losses 2. Toronto – 46-18 3. Boston – 43-21 4. Miami – 41-24 5. Indiana – 39-26 6. Philadelphia – 39-26 7. Brooklyn – 30-34 8 Orlando – 30-35 9. Washington – 24-40 10. Charlotte – 23-42 11. Chicago – 22-43 12. New York – 21-45 13. Detroit – 20-46 14. Atlanta – 20-47 15. Cleveland – 19-46 West 1. Lakers – 49-14 2. Clippers – 44-20 3. Denver – 43-22 4. Utah – 41-23 5. Oklahoma City – 40-24 6. Houston – 40-24 7. Dallas – 40-27 8 Memphis – 32-33 9. Portland – 29-37 10. New Orleans – 28-36 11. Sacramento – 28-36 12. San Antonio – 27-36 13. Phoenix – 26-39 14. Minnesota – 19 -45 15. Golden State – 15-50 Thus, for “Charlotte”, “Chicago”, “New York”, “Detroit”, “Atlanta”, “Cleveland”, “Minnesota” and “Golden State” the season is over . The rest will come to Florida and play at the Disney World Amusement Park in Orlando. Of course, without spectators and observing the strict rules generated by the epidemic. First, the teams will play eight matches of the regular season. Since the number of games is different for everyone, from 63 to 67, this will not lead the team to a common denominator, but here the league decided “by eye”: if there are less than four victories between the eighth and ninth clubs, they will have an additional qualification series for the last ticket to 1 / 8 finals from his conference. Moreover, the series is unusual: owners of place No. 9 will certainly need to win two out of two matches, any defeat is similar to death. Next – the usual playoff cycle in full. Last night, the first unofficial information appeared on the estimated dates for the start of the cup rounds: 1/8 – from August 18, 1/4 – from September 1, 1/2 – from September 15, the final – from the 30th, and the champion should be determined no later than October 15th. This system has already been approved by the clubs and the union of NBA players. The latter, however, categorically did not like the proposed start date for the next season – December 1. Like, a break of one and a half months is too little. But the parties still have plenty of time to settle this last question – if only they started to play. And even though there is not a single representative of Russia in the NBA now, basketball performed by LeBron James James Harden and other “magicians of the ball” is still a super spectacle for true sports gourmets. But what about the NHL with Ovechkin, Malkin and Kucherov, you ask? I explain. They will also start playing hockey overseas, and pretty soon, but it’s not yet clear when. We can assume that somewhere in the same terms as in basketball, however, specific dates have not yet been announced – we do not have guarantees that this league will return before the end of July. But in the next, last of the summer months, she will certainly play, there is no doubt about it. What will be discussed in the next, August article.

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