Saviola's advice at the beginning of the cycle "back to the origins" | River Plate

Saviola's advice at the beginning of the cycle "back to the origins" | River Plate 5

Germán Balcarce

17:26 hs

Through a series of talks called "going back to the origins", River began to offer a new knowledge and motivation tool to the youth of the club . It is that the initiative consists of different players with a good past in the institution transmitting their experiences, as happened with Javier Saviola at the beginning of the plan.

The multi-minute conversation was made yesterday afternoon using the Zoom app. In addition to the Rabbit, Hernán Díaz coordinator from Fourth to Sixth, Gabriel Rodríguez with the same function from Seventh to Ninth, Pablo Nigro psychologist of the club , and Gustavo Pérez Solano responsible for physical preparation in the training categories.

Saviola reviewed its beginnings, explained the importance of the study and emphasized the effort to reach the First Division, be it in River or another institution . The former striker for Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​among other world-renowned teams, recounted his personal experiences and stressed the emotional contention of the Núñez entity when his father was ill before his death.

 "Saviola told us that humility is essential"

"He told us more than anything about his history, how he did to get from his beginnings and that Hernán Díaz was his reference when he got on campus. He also told us that humility is fundamental ," he commented. a juvenile to The Millionaire Page .

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